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Is Soft Water Safe to Drink?

Is Soft Water Safe to Drink?

An estimated 85% of the U.S. population uses hard water. If you’re worried about hard water damaging your hair, irritating your skin, or leaving residue on your clean dishes, it’s time to invest in a water softener. This device will allow you to enjoy all the soft water you need anytime. If you are debating purchasing a water softener, you may be wondering if soft water is safe to drink. We have created an outline of the differences between hard and soft water.

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What Is Soft Water?

A water softener will instantly turn your hard water into soft water ready for you to use. The system accomplishes this through an ion exchange process. This process is a type of water treatment method that runs water through a resin, where calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium. The result is water that contains fewer minerals and is easier on everything from hair and skin to dishes and clothes.

Can You Drink Soft Water?

Most soft water is perfectly safe to drink and cook with. The safety of soft water for consumption depends largely on how hard the water was before going through the softening process. Here’s why.

The harder the water is, the more salt that is required to soften it. If a large amount of salt is utilized in the softening process, this increases the likelihood of some being left behind. Water with a higher sodium content can increase blood pressure and cause other health issues. To avoid these problems, any hard water that had a large amount of minerals before the softening process should be filtered with a reverse osmosis filter.

Does Soft Water Contain Sodium?

Soft water does contain sodium left behind from the softening process. In most cases, this sodium content is relatively low and is no cause for health concerns. However, the harder the water before softening, the higher the sodium content will be after softening. If you are wondering whether or not your soft water is safe to drink because you have high blood pressure, we recommend using a reverse osmosis filter to remove excess sodium in your water.

Differences Between Hard Water and Soft Water

Differences Between Hard Water & Soft Water

How different can hard and soft water be? After all, water is water. It turns out that hard water and soft water have some key differences that are important to note. Take a look at the top risks and benefits of each water type.

Soft Water Is Better

Many people prefer soft water over hard water because it cleans more effectively, leaving no residue behind. In addition, soft water results in healthier hair or skin and helps appliances operate more efficiently for a longer period of time. The best way to treat hard water is to install a water softener equipped with ion exchange capabilities that will replace excess calcium and magnesium in your water with sodium.

Understanding Contamination

Water with a high mineral content isn’t necessarily contaminated. Contaminated water contains harmful substances such as bleach, bacteria, or metals that provide no health benefits.

Risks & Benefits of Hard Water


  • Contains harsh minerals, such as calcium and magnesium
  • Can have an unpleasant smell and/or taste
  • Can leave water spots on dishes and shower/bathtub doors
  • Makes hair dry, frizzy, filmy, and brittle
  • Stains clothing
  • Causes limescale buildup
  • Requires more soap to lather


  • Strengthens your heart and bones

Risks & Benefits of Soft Water


  • Has a higher sodium content


  • Has a low mineral content
  • Gentler on clothes, dishes, and appliances
  • Leaves no residue buildup
  • Leaves hair and skin healthier


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