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Prepare Your Home Today For The Fall And Winter Seasons

Since we live in an area that suffers from a cold climate during both fall and winter, a furnace is an essential investment that will keep our home nice and warm. However, it’s vital that your heating unit is prepared before heading into the coldest months of the year, so we’ve put together these tips on how to prepare your furnace for winter.

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1. Clean Or Replace The Filter

In almost any unit that blows air – from a tumble dryer to air conditioning – the filter is a vital part of the machinery, and is underestimated by many people in terms of its importance. A clogged filter will restrict the flow of hot air, meaning that the unit will need to work twice as hard to deliver the heat and may also cause the heater to stop working all together. It is vital to replace an old filter with a brand new one before the weather gets really cold.

2. Vacuum The Furnace Interior

The dust and debris that builds up, especially at the base of the heater and the burners, must be removed. There is no need for any special equipment; an ordinary vacuum cleaner will do the job. If you have an oil heater it will require a special soot vacuum cleaner. Do not use a shop vacuum on oil.

3. Check The Blower Belt And Oil The Blower Motor

One of the most common causes of ineffective furnaces is a loose blower belt, which can increase the necessary operating time for the unit. It’s important that you always take the time to replace any frayed or cracked belts, using two or three drops of oil to keep everything running smoothly. (It’s worth noting that some motors don’t require lubrication or belts, so check your owner’s manual if you’re unsure).

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4. Make Sure Blower Doors Are Replaced Properly

This is an essential part of safety in the home and professionals should carry out any necessary maintenance. The blower doors need to be kept in excellent working order to ensure that carbon monoxide or other combustion by-products are not circulating in the warm air throughout your house.

5. Check To See If Vents Are Unobstructed

Clogged up vents around the house is another common cause of a malfunctioning furnace, with air being pumped through the pipes but not actually reaching all the rooms. Ensure that none of your vents are obstructed by furniture or clogged up with dirt.

6. Check The Exhaust Flue

Almost all furnace units will have an exhaust flue directed from the house to allow byproducts of combustion to escape, and it’s essential that this process isn’t prevented from taking place. If this isn’t done, then a buildup within the unit can occur, leading to wasted energy and possible damage to the heating unit. This is something that any homeowner that has invested in expensive equipment would want to avoid.

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