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Help for Your Poor, Neglected Floor Registers and Return Vents

Help for Your Poor, Neglected Floor Registers and Return Vents

Add Some Style to Your Home Decor and HVAC System!

Many homeowners spend hundreds and thousands of dollars remodeling, revamping, updating, and upgrading their homes. Between the paint, wallpaper, floor coverings, lighting and plumbing fixtures, furniture, and draperies not a single element is left untouched. Except, of course, the sad beige or gray aluminum floor vents scattered around the home. For those of us with an eye for even the smallest detail, there are now more options than ever to improve the look of your HVAC system floor registers and return vents.

Believe it or not, floor registers are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. Wood registers add charm and simple sophistication to newer homes, while those made of cast iron, copper, bronze, brass, or nickel lend character and whimsy to older homes. If you’ve chosen granite tile floors or countertops, there are even granite registers that can be custom-matched to your tile or counters. Use other elements in your home for inspiration. What kind of hardware is on your kitchen cabinets? What do your light fixtures look like? What color are your faucets and plumbing fixtures? Matching your vent registers to the dominant style elements in your home will ensure a consistent, uniform look.

Floor registers and return vents also come in a variety of designs and styles. Registers made from metals like nickel, brass, bronze, copper, and iron can be forged into nearly any design, from the simple and elegant to the ornate and bold. The most popular metal designs mimic antique metalwork like that of classic opera grills or decorative wrought iron. These kinds of designs are perfect for remodeled older homes trying to recapture some of the original appeal. There are also wooden and metal registers in more modern, streamlined designs that are perfect for contemporary homes.

Of course, the true design connoisseur will want to consider the many extras that vent and register companies now offer. These include things like louvered or non-louvered models, and filtered registers. Louvered vents let you close them if you want to, which many people believe saves energy and money. In reality, studies have shown that closing vents rarely saves a significant amount of either and might actually damage your heating and air conditioning system. The only time closing a vent might be really beneficial is if several vents are closed off in a large area of a home—like the entire basement or second floor—when it’s not in use. If this is possible in your home, you’ll want to consider louvered vents and registers.

And why stop with floor registers? Cold air returns in the ceiling can be matched to the registers on the floor. For a truly put-together look, shop around for collections that include floor and ceiling registers in corresponding sets.

An HVAC equipment retailer or your HVAC contractor can help you find the styles, colors, and options that are right for you and your home, helping you bring together form and function to create a beautiful space. Also check home stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.