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Take Control of Home Heating and Cooling With an Internet Thermostat

Take Control of Home Heating and Cooling With an Internet Thermostat

Monitor and Set Temperatures Anytime, Anywhere!

You’ve probably seen or heard of people using the Internet to monitor their home’s security or to keep tabs on nannies and babysitters. These days, many homeowners are using the power of the Internet to remotely monitor something else in their homes — their thermostat.

An internet thermostat in your home can be programmed and controlled remotely through a computer network system. Like other programmable thermostat controls, these units have a keypad unit which allows you to set a schedule for temperature adjustments, but internet thermostats let you make changes to the schedule from anyplace outside the home with an internet signal. No matter how far from home you are, and no matter how long you plan to be away, you can have complete access to your heating and cooling system.

How an Internet Thermostat Works:
The internet thermostat is connected to your home or office computer network. Home networks are generally wired using Ethernet cables or wireless connections, or some combination of the two.

An internet thermostat is linked to your home’s network through an Ethernet cord, and therefore connects to the internet in the same way that your computer or web-ready video game device does. Once the unit has been set up, you simply log on to a special website where you’ll have full access to your temperature settings.

To ensure the security and stability of your system, most internet thermostats must be hard wired —- meaning they have to hook up to the internet using a physical connection like a cord or cable. Though wireless internet thermostats do exist, these are generally more vulnerable to outside interference. For added security, you’ll be asked to set up a username and password to access your internet thermostat. This prevents unauthorized use of the thermostat.

The Benefits of an Internet Thermostat:
The most obvious benefit of a remotely programmable internet thermostat is that you have complete control over the temperature in your home no matter where you are. It’s perfect for those who work out of the home — you can adjust the temperature before you leave the house for the day and turn it back to a comfortable level just before you return home. This makes your home more comfortable and helps save energy and money on utility costs.

You can also monitor the temperature in your home or office at any time. This is an invaluable resource if you travel frequently, have a vacation home you use only during certain times of year, or are away from home for long periods. Having the ability to monitor your HVAC system lets you see if there are problems with the unit, and makes it possible to adjust the indoor temperature if the weather changes unexpectedly.

Another benefit of an internet thermostat is that you no longer have to worry about temperature settings. If you forget to adjust the thermostat before you leave for work or vacation, simply log on to your system from any internet device and change the settings.

What You Need to Set Up an Internet Thermostat:
If an internet thermostat seems like a good fit for your home, you’ll need a fully operational home computer network. Generally, home networking requires a gateway, a modem or wireless router, a computer, and access to the internet. Most of us have all of these items in our homes already, even if we don’t have a network configured. A certified HVAC contractor can help you determine which components you need to complete your network, and will assist you in connecting the internet thermostat to the other devices in your home.