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Green Plumbing at Home

Green Plumbing at Home

Innovative Plumbing Solutions

Our experts have arranged innovative plumbing solutions that can save the earth AND save you money!

One of the best arguments for making your home green is that a few simple changes can save you lots of money on utility costs. While green plumbing solutions can be a bit more expensive up front, the long-term savings are significant enough to warrant serious consideration of some of the following products.

The gold standard for energy-efficient appliances, electronics, lighting, and yes, even plumbing fixtures, remains the Energy Star label. You can find this designation clearly marked on qualifying products. However, green innovation is an evolving industry and there are lots of exciting new options on the market these days.


Composting toilets do exactly what you think they do. Without water or a septic/sewer connection, these units collect solid waste and convert it to—ahem—organic fertilizer. Worried about the smell? Several companies offer odorless models.

Low flow toilets or dual flush toilets are hot items right now in green home construction and remodeling. They use significantly less water than traditional commodes and dual flush toilets let you choose how much water to use depending on the type of waste you need to dispose of.

Waterless urinals are odorless, hands free devices that use scent-blocking biodegradable chemicals to filter liquid waste and force it down the drain. They claim to be not only cleaner and more environmentally friendly, but also easier and cheaper to maintain.

Showers and Sinks

Low flow aerators are popular and easy additions to green your faucets. These small metal devices attach directly onto the head of the fixture—no special tools needed—and allow you to adjust the flow of water out of the faucet. The best part is that aerators don’t affect water pressure in the slightest.

Low flow showerheads are similar to aerators—you can modify rate of water flow without sacrificing pressure. There are several models on the market; look for those with non-aerating spray, which can shorten the time it takes for water to heat up and will save energy.

Motion sensor faucets are really popular in new commercial restroom construction. We’ve all used them—put your hand under the faucet and the water comes on; move your hand away and the water shuts off. There are now several models appropriate for residential use.

Water Heaters

Instant spigots provide hot water on demand, saving energy because water does not have to be kept continuously heated in a storage tank.

Solar water heaters harness the power of the sun’s UV rays—which are completely free, by the way—and convert them to usable energy. There are many different types of solar water heaters out there; a qualified dealer can help you find the one that’s right for you.

Point of use water heaters are actually a series of small tanks only where you need hot water. Rather than store and heat enough water for an entire home’s worth of various uses, these miniature units hold just enough water for a specific task like taking one shower or doing a load of laundry.

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