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Regular Septic System Maintenance is a Must!

Regular Septic System Maintenance is a Must!

Septic Systems And Maintenance

There are more than 25 million homes in America that have a septic system. If you live in one of them, you may already know that regular maintenance is the only way to keep your septic tank functioning properly. Thankfully, maintaining your septic system is pretty easy, so long as you remember to be consistent with a schedule of treatment and preventative care.

A septic tank is actually a sophisticated waste management method that stores and removes waste from your home. Bacteria in the septic tank break down sewage and keep the system functioning properly. When there aren’t enough organisms present in the septic tank, sewage builds up much faster than normal and can cause clogs in the system pipes that force waste back-ups.

Natural Additives

The easiest and most effective way to ensure there are enough bacteria and enzymes in your septic system is to use a natural additive like Rid-X or Liquid Plumr Septic System Treatment, which is usually poured straight into a toilet and flushed into the tank. These and other substances like them will add billions of waste-destroying bacteria to your tank without harming the existing enzymes or polluting ground water.

Replenish Bacteria

Most septic system manufacturers require once-monthly treatments to guarantee the best results because as water flows into the septic tank each time a toilet it flushed or a drain is opened, it washes away the bacteria and enzymes in the system. Replenishing these bacteria regularly will help your septic system maintain an appropriate amount of beneficial organisms. So mark your calendar, set an email reminder, or leave a big note on the fridge—do whatever it takes to remember this one simple step and you can save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

Deteriorate And Weaken

Over time, septic tanks and pipes can deteriorate and weaken, tree roots can infiltrate the system causing cracks, and waste matter can form blockages that bacteria can’t reach. Just like you should see your doctor for a physical each year, your septic system should have regular appointments with a dedicated septic system expert to make sure there are no underlying, unseen problems that could lead to serious damage. Septic tank repairs can be pricey, but these costs are nothing compared to the expenses that will surely start to add up if something goes wrong. Then, you’ll be looking at not only extensive repairs to the septic system itself, but also the additional charges associated with clean-up, ground water testing, sanitization, and more.

Pump Septic Tank

You should have your septic tank pumped at least once every couple of years (even if you’re religious about monthly additives); an expert with a high-powered pump can remove a lot more waste at a much faster speed than a billion microscopic bacteria working for a full month.When it comes to septic systems, prevention is much easier and more cost efficient than dealing with problems as they arise. Setting a regular septic system maintenance schedule and sticking to it will save you the expense and embarrassment of a messy septic malfunction.

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