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Take a Close Look at a Clogged Sewer Line!

Take a Close Look at a Clogged Sewer Line!

Brace yourselves, folks! You’re about to go where few men (or women) have gone before…inside your home’s main sewer line!

If you’ve been experiencing slow running drains or backups in your sewer line, chances are that you have an obstructed sewer line. All manner of disgusting things can block up your sewer line: tree roots, scale, sludge build-up, food and other waste to name a few.

Often sewer line back ups cannot be detected until it is too late. But with a special sewer line camera, a reputable plumbing, drain and sewer contractor can detect any potential problems with your sewer line — from blockages to cracks to collapsed pipe.

Below is an actual cross-sectional view of a main sewer line taken with one of our cameras. Just take a look at the tree roots which have infiltrated the pipe and all the sludge and muck that has accumulated along the walls of the sewer line. It’s like having a clogged artery!

Blecch! Pretty disgusting, huh?

If your main sewer line is obstructed to this, your home is just like a heart attack waiting to happen. Sooner or later, you will have sewage backing up into your home or seeping through your property. Not a pretty picture.

If You Suspect a Potentially Blocked or Damaged Sewer Line:

  • Call a reputable sewer line contractor. Schedule a camera inspection. It only takes 30 minutes.
  • Most obstructed sewer lines can be cleared easily with a simple rooter procedure. It’s kind of like an angioplasty for your main sewer line!
  • If obstruction and damage to your sewer line is extensive, the sewer line will have to be replaced. Horizon Services uses a state-of-the-art “trenchless” method that allows us to replace your sewer line without having to dig up and destroy your yard, landscape, driveway or sidewalk. And it can be done in less time than conventional sewer replacement.

Blocked and Damaged Sewer Line