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Not-So-Extreme Makeovers for Your Bathroom

Not-So-Extreme Makeovers for Your Bathroom

New Fixtures are a Simple and Affordable Way to Update a Tired Bathroom!

Need a quick and easy way to give your bathroom a facelift on a budget? You don’t need gallons of paint, an army of friends, a three-day weekend, and a bank loan to overhaul your bathroom. Start by replacing tired old hardware and fixtures, and for about $250 you can have a bath or powder room to be proud of in an afternoon or less.

Hardware Overhaul
Mounting new knobs and pulls on your cabinetry is one of the least expensive ways to update your bathroom. For less than $100 you can completely update the look of your bathroom without the cost or hassle of replacing cabinets. Most home improvement stores offer hardware in a wide array of styles and finishes to suit just about any budget. Ultimately, the finish you choose will determine the price. Trendy oiled bronze or antiqued surfaces will cost more than more common finishes like brushed chrome and nickel.

When shopping for new bathroom hardware, look for knobs and pulls that match the existing drill holes in the cabinet and drawer face. You’ll be able to replace the hardware without having to drill new holes or fill old ones. You should also inspect the surface of the cabinetry after you’ve removed the old knobs. If there are any dings or indentations, buy new hardware big enough to cover the flaws.

Faucet First Aid:
Replacing an old faucet is a simple fix that can revamp the look of your bathroom instantly. Many manufacturers offer faucets that resemble sleek, elegant designer models for much more wallet-friendly prices. You’ll also find a great selection of finishes to complement any décor, from pewter and nickel to bronze and chrome. Your local home improvement store carries many of these budget models, with prices starting just around $50.

To ensure proper installation, experts recommend matching your old faucet style with a similar new one. If your existing fixtures are widespread—where the spout is separated from the water handles—replace it with a like model. If you’ve got a center-set faucet—where the spout and handles are mounted in a single unit—choose a similar replacement.

Shape Up Your Shower:
Enjoy a hotel-caliber shower every day by replacing your old showerhead and rod with updated models. Large, full-flow rainfall showerheads give you that luxury spa experience for about $60. A curved shower rod is another popular bathroom update that can add as much as six inches of additional space in your shower. Both fixtures are cheap and easy to install, and available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Toilet Tank Trade-Up:
Yes, YOU can replace the tank lever on your toilet! This is a cheap and easy way to tie the whole bathroom together after you’ve updated the faucets and fixtures. Decorative tank levers are available at most hardware, home improvement, and plumbing supply stores; you can find many of them for less than $15.