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Effective Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning Without Harsh Chemicals

Effective Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning Without Harsh Chemicals

These days, many of us are concerned with how much our day to day activities impact the environment. We want to find ways to reduce the effect we have without sacrificing efficacy and efficiency. When it comes to household cleaning, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, finding green products that are as powerful as traditional chemicals can be difficult. However, there is one alternative cleaning method that stands high above the rest: high-pressure water vapor.

Advantages of Water Vapor for Cleaning

The average American spends about 70 percent of his or her time at home. This makes it very important that the indoor air quality inside our homes is free of germs, allergens, pollutants, harsh chemicals, and air-borne debris. Steam cleaning with high-pressure water vapor can reduce or even eliminate everything from bacteria and viruses to fleas and dust mites. With steam cleaning, dust mites, fleas and their eggs are killed on contact, while allergens, pollen and pet dander are instantly removed.

Just as steam is used to sterilize medical instruments, baby items, and clean clothes, it can be used in your kitchen and bathroom to effectively and gently disinfect most surfaces. If you or anyone in your home are sensitive to allergens, have asthma, or a condition in which the immune system is weakened, steam cleaning is an attractive alternative to traditional chemical cleaning.

Those living with babies or small children are also sure to appreciate the power of steam cleaning as well as the reduction in the number of poisonous materials around the kitchen, bathroom and rest of the house.

Cleaning Grout with Steam

Many kitchen and bathroom cleaners are simply too harsh to clean grout, and specialty grout cleaners can be expensive. Using steam to clean tile grout is a gentle but effective way to get rid of mold, mildew, soap scum and dirt. However, steam cleaning machines can be bulky, making it inconvenient to drag them to the kitchen or bathroom several times a week. To maintain your grout in between deep steam cleanings, most experts recommend spraying grout with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or baking soda and water.

Spray the grout after every use, and be sure to open a window if you are using one of the harsher materials like vinegar or alcohol. Steam cleaning just once or twice a month is sufficient to kill mold spores, mildew, bacteria, dust mites, and other organisms that may be hiding in tile grout. Your kitchen or bathroom will look like a million bucks!

Beyond the Kitchen and Bathroom

The same water vapor that can be used to disinfect and clean your kitchen or bathroom can also be used throughout your home to improve overall cleanliness and air quality. Mobile units available for purchase vary in size and price; small machines cost around $100, while larger ones can cost upwards of $1000. Carpet steam cleaners can be purchased at nearly any discount or home improvement store, or can be rented at many supermarkets. Use steam to clean everything from carpets, clothing, toys, and sports equipment to sinks, wallpaper, doors, and glass.

Benefits for your Plumbing and Drains

Steam cleaning is also a wise choice if you want to keep your plumbing and drain system in fine working order. Over time, chemicals from cleaning products can corrode pipes and damage plumbing fixtures. Sediment from cleansers can also accumulate in drains and contribute to clogs. Steam cleaning, on the other hand is gentler on kitchen and bathroom surfaces and won’t harm pipes, faucets, drains and plumbing fixtures.

Where to Find Steam Cleaners

You can find quality steam cleaning equipment at most hardware and home stores as well as online at websites like Commercial home cleaning services can also provide a thorough steam cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom and whole house for those who are all thumbs in the clean-up department.