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Baseboard Heaters Provide Cheap, Efficient Warmth

Baseboard Heaters Provide Cheap, Efficient Warmth

A Heating Alternative You May Want to Consider

For some homeowners, electric baseboard heaters are the perfect solution to high utility costs and inefficient home heating. Like radiators, baseboard heaters warm surrounding air my emitting heat, but they can be controlled by a thermostat like central air and heating systems. Baseboard heaters sit along the bottom of a wall, using convection to take in cold air by the floor, heat it with electricity, then release the warmed air into the room. This cycle continues until the air along the floor is the same temperature as the rest of the room. The heater then shuts off until it’s needed again.

Many homeowners shy away from baseboard heaters because they’re just not that attractive. They are clearly visible along walls and can’t be hidden behind decorative grates or coverings. However, baseboard heaters are protected by a closed metal casing, which means they can be painted virtually any color imaginable with specially formulated metal and heat-safe paint. You can easily camouflage a baseboard heater so it blends in with the room’s décor. Plus, these units sit just a few inches off the ground and out from the wall, so they actually save more space than a portable heater and don’t require as much room as a traditional furnace.

Although baseboard heaters often take longer than other methods to reach the thermostat’s pre-set temperature, once a room is warmed it stays heated consistently. This makes baseboard heating very cost-effective, much more so than natural gas or other kinds of heating units.

There are many other benefits to baseboard heating over other home heating methods:

  • A baseboard heater simply mounts along the bottom of any wall. There’s no ductwork, insulation, or maintenance required.
  • Baseboard units are low-cost and don’t need seasonal repairs. They can be installed quickly and affordably in any room you want, eliminating the expense of whole-house installation.
  • While furnaces are designed to heat an entire home — even rooms that don’t get used every day — baseboard heaters provide heat only where you want it, conserving energy and saving you money on utility bills.
  • Baseboard heaters are safer than space heaters. They are covered with a protective metal guard that keeps the heating core mechanism out of sight and out of reach. Children, pets, dirt, dust, and debris can’t get at the dangerous heating unit.
  • Baseboard heaters are a breeze to maintain. Aside from setting your desired thermostat temperature, the only maintenance they require is an occasional cleaning with a vacuum or dry mop and regular dusting of the metal guard.
  • Baseboard heaters eliminate drafts. Because these systems don’t rely on vents or ducts to deliver heat, there’s less chance of heat loss from the source to your room.
  • Baseboard heaters make your home more comfortable. They aren’t as noisy as a furnace and don’t dry out the air. You won’t have to worry about dry skin, chapped lips, and dried out sinuses.

Horizon Services Can Answer Your Baseboard Heating Questions

Horizon’s heating technicians are available 24/7 in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland to service and repair your baseboard heater. And our experienced Comfort Consultants can perform a FREE, no-obligation In-Home Energy Analysis to help you decide whether baseboard heating or some other heating system is best for your heating needs.