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This is a Great Time for a Home Energy Audit

This is a Great Time for a Home Energy Audit
See Areas Where You Can Improve Your Energy Efficiency...and Slash Your Utility Bills!

For many homeowners feeling the economic pinch, any unnecessary home spending is to be avoided at all costs. If you fall into this category, a home energy audit can be a great way to show you if you are using energy efficiently in heating, cooling, lighting and powering your home...and show you where you may be wasting valuable energy dollars.

According to industry research, a home energy audit can reveal savings as much as 30 percent off your monthly utility bills. With utility prices expected to SKYROCKET in the coming months and years, those savings can be ENORMOUS.

How Home Energy Audits Work
A professional home energy auditor will come to your home and examine your property. He or she will look over your energy bills and analyze your energy usage. The energy auditor will also inspect your home floor to roof > including your heating and cooling system > and do a number of special tests to see if energy is being consumed efficiently or wasted.

Two tests that any reputable home energy auditor will perform are the blower door test and a thermographic scan. The blower door test helps identify leaks and drafts around doors and windows, while the thermographic scan finds areas where you home is letting in cold or losing heat.

When all this data is compiled, the home energy auditor will create a detailed plan of ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Some of the most common suggestions include upgrading appliances, increasing insulation, and installing weather-stripping or a programmable thermostat.

How Much do Home Energy Audits Cost?
A residential home energy audit will likely cost several hundred dollars, but you may have to pay much more than that to implement all the auditor’s suggestions, especially if you live in an older home. If your home is newer or you’ve recently updated your major appliances, you’ll spend less to get the most energy efficient features.

A home energy audit is completely useless if you don’t follow the auditor’s suggestions, but the good part is that you’ll get a detailed plan that you can follow as time and budget allow. You have the freedom to make changes little by little, shop around for deals, or wait for sales and rebate programs to kick in. There are usually several small changes you can make on your own for very little money, too, while some many need to be reserved for professionals. Remember, though, that even small home improvements can translate into pretty significant energy savings.

Is a Home Energy Audit Right for You?
Nearly every residential property can be made more energy efficient in some way. However, if your home is less than 10 years old, was designed to be energy efficient, or is a certified green home there’s probably not much an auditor will be able to tell you that isn’t already in place on your property. But if your home is decades old, a fixer-upper, hasn’t been updated with a new HVAC system in more than 20 years, or if it seems like your monthly utility bills just keep getting higher and higher, an energy audit could make a real difference for your peace of mind and your pocketbook.