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Winter Window Warmers

Winter Window Warmers
Insulated Window Treatments Conserve Energy, Increase Comfort

If rising fuel and heating prices have you searching this winter for energy-saving alternatives that are easy on your already tight budget, consider insulated window treatments. No matter where you live, these specialty drapes will help cut your energy and heating costs while adding a little style to any room.

One of the biggest areas of heat loss in most homes is drafty old windows and doors. Even tiny openings can suck out a significant amount of heat, forcing your home’s heating and cooling system to work harder and costing you more money on utilities. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to remedy the situation without spending thousands of dollars on new windows.

First, be sure your windows and doors are sealed as well as possible. Re-caulk and replace worn weather stripping to fix drafts. After all, putting up insulated window treatments won’t do much to combat ill-fitting widow sashes and door seals.

Once you have ensured that all the windows in your house are sealed up tight, there are lots of options for insulating your home with window treatments.

Cellular Shades:
Many of the industry’s top manufacturers now market cellular shades that incorporate single, double, and triple layers of cells to absorb drafts and stop heating or cooling loss. These shades are available in a variety of light control strengths, from semi-opaque to blackout. In terms of style, there is a wide range and you should not have any trouble finding something to complement your décor.

Insulated Drapes:
This is another great way to insulate your home without sacrificing style. Choose a heavy fabric to ensure the best possible result, or consider combining an insulated shade with coordinating traditional curtains for a more customized look. For the ultimate energy savings, pair insulated drapes with cellular shades to restrict heating and cooling loss nearly completely.

Plantation Shutters:
Often used simply for aesthetic purposes on a home’s exterior, plantation shutters actually do a fairly decent job insulating windows and preventing heat and energy loss. Composite or vinyl shutters are particularly effective for insulation. While plantation shutters cannot quite compare to cellular shades or insulated drapes, they do offer a decent amount of insulation when fully closed.

Additional Winter Window and Heating Tips:
No matter which kind of insulated window treatment you choose, be sure to install it as flush with the panes as possible. This will ensure the treatment is able to perform as effectively as possible.

Budget and style preferences will typically dictate which kind of insulated window treatment you select for your home heating and comfort needs. Though the most expensive, triple layer cellular shades are the most efficient and may be especially helpful if you live in a really cold climate.

Over time, any investment in insulated window treatments will pay for itself in a relatively short time thanks to heating savings and general comfort. You will pay less on your heating and energy bills and will be able to enjoy the perfect indoor temperature throughout your home.

Insulated window treatments can be found at most retailers including home improvement stores, discount stores, department stores, and specialty home interiors stores.