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All Toilets Are Not Created Equal

All Toilets Are Not Created Equal

All Toilets Are Not Created Equal!

You probably don’t realize it, but your toilet uses more water than any other appliance in your house. The average toilet in the US is responsible for about 30 percent of a household’s total water consumption each year. A high efficiency toilet is a great way to cut down on water consumption, using less water per flush and chopping your home’s water use in half.

Water Consumption Has Increased

Over the last five decades, American water consumption has increased a whopping 209 percent, and the average American uses more than 100 gallons of water every day. That’s the equivalent of 584,000 glasses of water per person each year! When you consider that toilets comprise at least 30 percent of that annual usage, it makes sense to look for alternatives like high efficiency toilets to help reduce consumption.

Toilet History

In order to understand how high efficiency toilets can make a difference, it helps to review a bit of toilet history. Before 1980, toilets used about five gallons of water per flush. Between 1980 and 1994, improvements in technology pushed the industry standard back to about 3.5 gallons per flush, where it remains today. A high efficiency toilet, however, uses just 1.5 gallons or less per flush than your typical toilet in use today.

Replace One Toilet

If you were to replace just one toilet in your home with a high efficiency toilet, you could save nearly 4000 gallons of water per person every year. If your bathroom fixtures are older or you have a toilet that leaks, you can save even more with a high efficiency toilet. If every home in America replaced one toilet with a high efficiency toilet, we could save an astounding 900 billion gallons of water each year!

Smart Choice for the Environment and Your Pocketbook

So, high efficiency toilets are clearly a smart choice for the environment. But what about your pocketbook?

It’s no secret that eco-friendly choices in home improvement often help you save money on utility costs; high efficiency toilets are no exception. Installing a high efficiency toilet in your home can save you about $90 on your water bill annually, and as much as $2000 over the life of the toilet. Your high efficiency toilet will pay for itself several times over before it wears out—a very smart investment. What’s more, because you’ll be using less water by using a high efficiency toilet, you’ll be doing your part to reduce strain on your municipal water supply. Waste treatment, water purification, maintenance of city pipes and sewers, and everything else that has to happen every time you flush your toilet all cost money. So cutting back on your home’s water use is good for everyone.

Contact A Plumbing Professional

Before you purchase a high efficiency toilet, talk to a representative at your local water supplier for information about rebates or discounts that may be offered in your area. In most cases, these rebates range anywhere from $25 to $175 or more. Whether you want to replace an old, inefficient toilet, are concerned about water conservation, or are in the market for a new toilet, consult a toilet retailer for more information about high efficiency toilets. And, of course, the plumbing professionals from Horizon Services are always available to help you install your new high efficiency toilet and provide reliable plumbing service 24/7/365!

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