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Is Your Home Suffering from Hot Flashes?

Is Your Home Suffering from Hot Flashes?

Constantly Fiddling With Your Thermostat

You walk into your living room, hoping to relax on the couch and catch up on your favorite show, but the sound of your chattering teeth drowns out the TV. You reach for a blanket and bundle up as your breath forms delicate clouds around your face. Then you remember the popcorn you left on the kitchen counter, so it is off the couch you go. When you reach the kitchen, your glasses fog up and you start sweating bullets. At first you think perhaps the room is on fire, but then you remember – you just live in an old house.

Uneven heating and cooling is a very common problem, particularly in older homes. Deteriorating insulation, sagging window and door frames, and poor weatherproofing can cause bothersome drafts that let cold air in and hot spots that keep warm air from circulating properly. However, this is not always the root cause of those hot and cold spots.

How a Split-Zone System Can Help

Split-zoning systems utilize an individual indoor air handler for each room or space in your home. These units can be managed independently both from other rooms and from your whole-house system, so you get customized comfort for each room. Whether you are in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or home office, you can enjoy the temperature settings that offer the most optimum comfort and energy savings.

Installation is Quick and Clean

Older homes present a number of challenges when it comes to renovations and upgrades. You have worked hard to care for your older home, and the last thing you want to do is start ripping down walls or tearing through ceilings to retrofit your HVAC system. Ductless options make it possible to upgrade your equipment without destroying your home or inconveniencing your family. These units simply supplement your existing ductwork and can be installed quickly and easily by a licensed contractor – no mess, no hassle. There are plenty of different ductless indoor unit styles to choose from including floor-standing, wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed and ducted, so you will always find the right style to complement your home.

Lower Energy Consumption Means Lower Energy Bills

Heating, air conditioning and ventilation consume nearly half of your home’s total energy bill. When you stop to think about it, though, you really only use one or two rooms at a time; it just doesn’t make sense to throw money away on heating and cooling your entire house continuously. Many of today’s advanced ductless systems offer energy saving features that automatically adjust the temperature according to changing conditions in individual rooms – things like body heat from multiple occupants or a sudden drop in temperature when a window is opened. You use only the energy you need, which helps you reduce consumption and save money.

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