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10 Ways To Help Your Air Conditioner Keep You Cool

10 Ways To Help Your Air Conditioner Keep You Cool

Remain Cool Through Summer Heat Waves

It is no surprise that air-conditioning bills are at their highest during the summer. While most of these charges are due to soaring outdoor temperatures, several other factors can result in a higher energy bill during the warm months. The best way to keep your cool during the summer is to keep your air-conditioning system operating at a high level. Follow these ten tips to help your air conditioning system keep you cool.

1. Have Your System Tuned-Up

Have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Be sure to hire a qualified professional to perform the inspection. You will need a trained eye to spot any potential issues that if left unattended could cost you thousands in avoidable repair bills.

2. Weatherproof Your Home to Avoid Heat Loss

Your air conditioning system works hard during summer heat waves to keep your cool. Return the favor by checking your windows and doorframes for gaps that could cause cool air to escape from your home. Purchase weatherproofing strips to seal gaps or use caulk to fill up any cracks.

3. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

Using an older thermostat could make it difficult to program a specific temperature indoors. A programmable thermostat enables you to select an exact temperature for your home that will remain constant throughout the day. Generally, it is a good idea to keep your indoor air at around 78°F.

4. Cook Outdoors as Often as Possible

Using the oven or stovetop to cook a meal will make your home even warmer, which forces your HVAC system to run longer than needed. Try to prepare as many meals as possible outside on an outdoor grill. You could also switch to serving cool dishes such as salads and cold soups.

5. Replace the Air Conditioning Air Filter Regularly

Keeping your air-conditioning filter clean makes it much easier for the system’s air to flow freely through the home. Ideally, you should inspect your filter monthly and replace it when it looks dirty.

6. Sign up for an Energy-Monitoring Program

Most local power providers offer a free system that monitors the amount of energy your HVAC system uses each day. You will have to agree to have a monitor installed on your system, which measures your usage in order to help improve energy efficiency.

7. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Switch the direction of your ceiling fans so that they run in a counter-clockwise direction. The change will force the cool indoor air down, so that the room stays cooler.

8. Keep Your Air Conditioning System Shaded

When your HVAC system is located in a shady spot, it will be able to keep up with the heat demands easier. If you do not have trees near your system, plant a few shrubs nearby.

9. Avoid Placing Sources of Heat Near the Thermostat

Even a programmable thermostat can be fooled into running for a long time if the air is warm. Avoid using heat lamps or bright lights near the thermostat as they will cause your system to operate based on a falsely inflated rating.

10. Consider Replacing an Older System

If your system is an older model, it may be time to get a new one. The US government recommends replacing systems that are 10 years old in order to improve energy efficiency.

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