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Five Tips To Winterize Your Pipes And Plumbing

Five Tips To Winterize Your Pipes And Plumbing

Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Freezing pipes can be very problematic and can lead to a large amount of unnecessary costs being incurred. When water freezes in a pipe it is not usually the freezing area that gets damaged. This is because the freezing area causes pressure, which builds and builds and has nowhere to go except for the walls of the pipe. There are various ways to prevent this from occurring in the first place, and the small price it costs to insulate piping and take the precautionary measures could be a very worthwhile investment in the long run.

Follow these helpful tips to winterize your home and prevent needless damage to your pipes and plumbing.

Insulate Pipes In All Unheated Areas

It is important that there is an adequate amount of insulation on pipes that are in unheated places. These pipes will be more likely to freeze. Insulating pipes require someone to wrap them in insulation tubes, which can be composed of polyethylene or fiberglass. It is important that the correct sizing tubing is purchased, and for this reason the outside of the tubing should always be measured. Wrapping pipes in insulation tubing requires a lot of care, especially if the pipe that is being wrapped has frozen in the past.

Turn Faucets On To Create A Slow Steady Drip

When the temperature outside reaches below freezing, the faucets should be turned on to create a slow and steady drip. This will cause the pressure inside the pipe to subside, even if the pipe freezes or has an ice blockage.

Fill All Cracks And Holes Along Home Foundation

One of the most common causes of letting in excessive cold is cracks and holes in the building foundation. There is a cheap and easy way of solving this issue, and that is to spray foam insulation into the gaps. This will help to stop cold air from coming into contact with water pipes, which will help to prevent them from freezing during periods of cold weather.

Seal Ventilated Crawl Spaces

Buildings that use beams and that contain ventilated crawl spaces should be sealed as these areas can let in a huge amount of unwanted cold. In order to do this, people should cover the vents with thick pieces of cardboard or specialist insulation materials. Those with basements, utility rooms and garages should also check them for missing insulation. Even though these areas may not be within the main part of a house, they can still contribute to freezing problems in extreme weather conditions.

Repair Worn Or Missing Insulation Around Windows And Doors

Drafty windows and doors do not just pose a problem when it comes to freezing pipes, but can also be very frustrating for the homeowner. Inadequate insulation around windows and doors is one of the main causes of heat loss in a household. This issue should always be addressed as soon as possible if the insulated area needs to be changed.

Winterizing a home effectively can be a great way to cut down on heating bills as well as preventing problems occurring from freezing pipes. People should always give themselves an adequate amount of time prior to undertaking any winterizing task to ensure that they do not suffer if there is a sudden change in the weather.

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