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Ask The Experts: Air Filters

Ask The Experts: Air Filters

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Many homeowners know they need to keep an eye on, clean, and replace their air filters if they wish their systems to run as efficiently as possible. If the task of maintaining your air filter seems daunting, here are some inside tips to get you motivated.

Q: How often should I replace my system’s air filter?

A: “How often your filter needs to be changed depends on the environment in which your home is located and the type of filter your system uses. If you have pets, including cats or dogs, you may want to consider changing your filter each month to remedy any clogging that resulted from shedding hair. If you are using the inexpensive $1.00 filters purchased from a local hardware store, then it is suggested you change your filter at least once a month regardless of the environment. If you live alone, you may be alright changing your filter every 3 months. In order to get the most accurate advice, a professional should be called to analyze your system.”

Q: Are all air filters the same?

A: “All filters are not the same. All filters are now rated for their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV Rating. You can purchase filters that will barely stop a fly from entering your heater and air conditioner *(MERV1) to a filter that can capture 95% or greater of viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, mold, and tobacco smoke (MERV16).”

Q: How do I know what air filters to purchase for my system?

A:“Filters are best chosen based on the need of the people exposed in that environment. I would recommend having a technician service your unit and have them help you decide what is best for your given needs.”