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Does Your Air Conditioner Make You Sick?

Does Your Air Conditioner Make You Sick?

Common Myths About How Air-Conditioning Can Make You Sick

You may have already heard that air-conditioning can make you sick, but did you know that is not exactly true? Here are some of the most common and most commonly misunderstood myths about air-conditioning and your health.

Going In and Out of Air-Conditioned Rooms Will Make You Sick

False. If you get a stuffy nose in the summer it is not because of the air conditioning; it is more likely because of summer allergies or a virus you have picked up. In fact, the air-conditioned environment may make your allergies more pronounced, because you are moving from a clean-air environment to an outdoor one that is full of allergens. However, in an effort to prevent any allergens in the home, be sure to replace the filter every three months.

Air Conditioning Causes Arthritis

False. Air-conditioning does not cause arthritis or any other disease or syndrome for that matter. However, conditions such as arthritis and neuritis can become aggravated with overuse of the AC. This is typically because dry, cool air can make the symptoms of arthritis more pronounced. If you have arthritis, you should not avoid the air-conditioning, but perhaps keep it set to a higher temperature.

Air Conditioning Kills People When It Gets Really Hot Outside

False. There has never been a recorded or confirmed case that air-conditioning has caused anyone to die during a heat wave. In fact, the AC can save a life during severely hot temperatures. Remember, temperature changes do not cause illnesses, germs do.

The AC in The Car is Really Bad For You

False. While it is true that the air-conditioning system in your car may be a home for microorganisms and allergens, the AC system itself is not bad for you. As with the air-conditioning system in your home, you must maintain the AC in your car. Make sure the filters are cleaned and replaced regularly to avoid any issues.

Air Conditioning Messes with Your Sleep

True. This one is true, but not in a bad way; air-conditioning has actually been shown to improve people’s sleeping habits. It has also been shown to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) among babies. The cooler you are at night, the deeper you will sleep, and we all know that the better you sleep, the healthier you are.