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Hard Water Affects Household Appliances and Plumbing

Hard Water Affects Household Appliances and Plumbing

Hard Water’s Effects on Plumbing

Hard water can drastically affect energy costs. It is estimated that just one-eighth of an inch of hard water will require almost 33% more energy consumption than if it were clear. This is due to the energy having to heat the hard water prior to heating the other water. There are two main elements that are contained within hard water, calcium and magnesium. When these two elements combine within a piping system then they can form limescale.


Limescale build-up can drastically restrict the water flow in a pipe. Steel pipes are the most susceptible to this problem, whilst copper and PVC do not get it as much. Limescale will almost certainly occur after a long period of use. This will lower the water pressure throughout the entire house, which could result in pipes having to be replaced. Replacing pipes can be very costly. Not only will people have to invest money in the pipes themselves, but they will have to pay for the installation fees. A professional plumber should always be used when changing pipes as they will be able to make sure that everything is safe and water tight.


Where water flow is restricted, limescale will build at a faster rate. The main areas of concern include shower heads, plugs, faucets and valves. These areas will very often get excess water trapped around them, which causes fast limescale build-up. Even if there is no hard water throughout the pipes themselves, this can cause clogging. Slowly dripping faucets can cause limescale stains on the sink surface and could damage the rubber washers that are required to keep the mechanism water tight. If this occurs, the washers can sometimes be difficult to replace.


Valves that are found in various appliances, such as ice-makers, washing machines and dishwashers can also end up with large scale build-up. If small amounts of limescale emerge from beneath the valves then they may not be able to completely close, which can stop them from becoming water tight. People who do not monitor this issue could find themselves having to pay unnecessary repair costs on appliances that should work perfectly well.

Water Heater

Heating elements in water heaters can also quickly form mineral deposits. When there is limescale between the heating element and the water then it will act as a barrier and prevent the water from heating up as quickly. This drastically reduces the energy efficiency.

There are plenty of preventative measures that people could take in order to increase the overall level of efficiency in their household. Tackling hard water issues should be top of the agenda. Not only can most of these problems be solved very quickly and easily, but getting rid of limescale throughout the plumbing and appliances will result in cheaper living costs. People who are looking for ways to solve all of their limescale issues, but are not sure what they are doing, should hire a plumber to fix all of their problems.

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