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Five Household Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

Five Household Cleaning Secrets You Should Know

Create Your Own Cleaning Solutions

If you are interested in energy efficiency and would like to save a bit of cash on household cleaning products, then you should certainly consider making your own cleaning solutions. There are plenty of techniques that can be used to create cleaning items that are just as effective as using commercial products.

Make Kitchen Floors Sparkle Using Vinegar and Water

Using vinegar and water to clean floors is very cost efficient and means that you will not have to deal with getting harmful substances on your hands. Water and vinegar can also be used for cleaning bathrooms. To utilize this form of cleaning solution, you should mix the solution in a bottle. This can either be sprayed or poured on surfaces.

Silence Squeaky Floors Using Dust Talcum Powder in the Cracks

Having squeaky floorboards can be very frustrating, especially when you have company in the house. There are ways to silence floor boards without having to mess around with screwing them down. Many people choose to dust the floors with talcum powder. This will fill the cracks and prevent the flooring from excessive movement when it is walked over. To do this, all you have to do is spread a little talcum powder over the cracks and then push it in with a paint brush.

Use Baking Soda to Freshen Your Carpets and Clean Your Walls

Baking soda is an excellent non-toxic way to ensure that your carpets and walls are clean and odor free. To clean carpets and get rid of nasty smells, all you have to do is spread the baking soda on the floor and leave it overnight. To clean walls, the baking soda should be mixed with water and lightly applied using a soft sponge.

Remove Wax From Carpets Using Paper Towels and A Warm Iron

Wax can be very frustrating when it spills onto carpets. Wax requires heat in order to turn from a solid into a liquid. A very effective method is to place a cloth over the top of the wax and then gently apply a hot iron. This will be able to melt the wax and make it stick to the cloth.

Reduce Damage to Plaster When Hanging Artwork by Heating the Nail

When nails are heated the plaster will not crumble so easily when they are hammered into it. If you are planning on hanging pictures to a plaster based wall then you should certainly take this precautionary step. Heating the nail is very simple and only takes a few seconds. Before you hammer the nail into place, put on a pair of gloves and then heat the nail with a flame.

There are many benefits to using the above cleaning methods. Not only are they cost efficient in the long run, but they will prevent hassle from occurring, such as having to make special trips to a store in order to purchase cleaning goods. It is also much more beneficial to the environment to use these methods as opposed to commercial products.