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Avoid Bad Habits That Can Strain Your Home Plumbing

Avoid Bad Habits That Can Strain Your Home Plumbing

Discover Common Plumbing Mistakes Some Homeowners Make

There are some common mistakes some homeowners don’t realize they are making until serious damage has occurred to their plumbing.

For instance, blocked drains and sewer systems can cause disruption in the home and at worst they can threaten the health of everyone who lives there and cause expensive damage. By and large these blockages need never happen, provided you learn some bad home plumbing habits to avoid. Learn these valuable lessons and there is every chance that you will help circumvent lengthly plumbing disruptions and eliminate costly repairs.

Bad Home Plumbing Habits To Avoid

A major cause of blocked drains is hair. Whether you wash your hair in the bath tub, in the shower or over the washbasin, hair will gather in the popup. If allowed to gather over a period of time, the strands of hair will eventually find their way into the drain and build up to cause a blockage. To avoid this problem, gather up the hair from the popup and put it in the bin.

Another likely cause of blockages is putting items down the toilet that cannot be flushed away. These include diapers, baby wipes, paper towels or sanitary products. They are not designed to be flushed, so should be disposed of accordingly. Toilet fresheners can also be a problem if they are not secured properly. They are large enough to cause problems if they fall in when the toilet is flushed.

Food scraps should never be allowed to be washed down the sink drain as they will also cause blockages. Sink strainers will be able to prevent this from happening. Oils and fats should also not be poured down the drain as eventually they will solidify and that, in turn, will block the branch and main drains.

If you are having your home renovated, make sure that no debris is allowed to gather up inside open pipes as this will cause major problems with drainage. While the work is being carried out, any exposed pipe should be covered.

One of the major problems associated with sewer systems is sewage overflows. By far the biggest cause are tree roots outside the home blocking the drainage. One way to avoid this problem is by planting trees, or other vegetation with roots that spread, well away from the sewer lines. This advice is very valuable, especially if you are planning to have the land attached to your property landscaped.

Ways To Avoid Blocked Drain And Sewer Systems

The best way to avoid blocked drains and sewer systems is to avoid letting items be washed down the drain or flushed down the toilet which will cause blockages, and by ensuring that no trees or vegetation are planted where the roots can damage the drains.

Another preventative measure would be to have the drain and sewer system periodically inspected by a licensed plumber.

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