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Important HVAC Information You May Not Know

Important HVAC Information You May Not Know

Because What You Don’t Know Will Cost You…

Anyone who is buying a new home or installing a new HVAC unit, should understand it is very important, whatever the system you buy, that selecting the correct size for the property and having it installed properly, will determine around 75% of its performance and efficiency.

What Should People Be Wary Of When Buying A New Home?

People purchasing a new home should be wary when it comes to the contractor installing the HVAC unit. To save on his costs he may install an inferior system, but even if a superior HVAC unit is selected it might be poorly installed. In either case this could be a major problem, in the long term, for the home owner. Energy bills will soar and the system could become prone to breakdowns, ensuring further misery as heating and air conditioning fails.

The best way to avoid such problems is to ensure that the contractor installs the best HVAC unit possible and that it is the correct size for the property to ensure energy efficiency. Not only should it be the best unit, the installer should be properly trained.

What Problems Can Occur With A Poorly Installed Or Inferior HVAC Unit?

One of the first signs that the HVAC has been incorrectly installed, or is not up to the job, will be the noise. The outside unit will be very loud and if the duct work has not been properly installed, the airflow will also be very noisy. If the air returns are too small they can put a strain on the system and reduce energy efficiency. If registers which are the wrong size have been installed, or if they are unable to be adjusted, that can lead to insufficient air being allowed to flow into rooms.

All of this can be avoided by ensuring that only the correct HVAC system is fitted into the home and that it is installed by skilled and well trained technicians.

What To Expect From A Properly Trained HVAC Installer

Most people can be forgiven for not knowing the complexities of a HVAC system. That lack of knowledge, however, can prove to be very expensive, as an incorrectly installed unit will lead to higher energy costs and hard earned dollars being spent on repairs when the system malfunctions.

The best way to avoid these problems is to use the services of a properly trained HVAC installer.
It is important, therefore, that people should know what to expect when the technician arrives at the door to carry out the installation.

A professional installer should arrive at a convenient time and the work be completed as cleanly and as tidily as possible. The installer should also take the time to explain to the customer how the HVAC system works and how it is operated. The customer should also be made aware of the various service plans that are available should any problems ever occur.

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