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Winterizing Your Home On A Small Budget

Winterizing Your Home On A Small Budget

Winterization Tips to Save Energy and Money

Winterizing your property – guarding it against the cold – is essential if you are to remain warm and comfortable as temperatures plunge below zero.

Very few of us have unlimited cash to spend and for those with only small budgets, winterizing the home may appear to be something of a lost cause. That is simply not true. You can protect your home against the cold weather for between $100 and $500, or less.

Winterizing Your Home On A $100 Budget

Let us be perfectly honest, you cannot buy very much nowadays with $100, but what you can do is ensure the place in which you live remains warm, comfortable and draft free during the cold weather. Drafts are always a problem and you can prevent them by caulking your windows, doors and sidings. Low expansion window foam can also be used to fill insulation gaps around the window jambs, while door threshold strips can prevent cold air coming in beneath doors.

Heating and air conditioning systems need to be working efficiently during the winter. As with most other pieces of household equipment, it pays to perform regular maintenance checks on all of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment in your home. The benefits of properly maintaining these units include lower utility costs, greater comfort for the occupants of the home, and lower service and maintenance costs; in most cases, the HVAC equipment’s effective service life will also be prolonged. During your yearly maintenance it is highly recommended that you change the filter.

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Winterizing Your Home On A $250 Budget

With $250 to spend, the cost of a programmable thermostat will be well within your budget. These gadgets ensure the heating is only switched on when you want it to be and at a temperature you require. This will help save on your energy bills, especially during the cold weather.

Another good use of your $250 budget when winterizing your home is to purchase a chimney balloon. It will have a two-fold use, preventing warm air rushing up the chimney and cold air coming down it.

The cash will also allow you to purchase fiberglass insulation roles to insulate doors, including those in the basement, exterior windows and your air conditioning unit.
The budget may allow you to have an energy audit of the home conducted by your energy company. The audit is to check your property’s energy efficiency and make recommendations on any improvements that could be made.

Winterizing Your Home On A $500 Budget

Anyone who can afford a budget of $500 to winterize the home will be able to do the same as those with $100 or $250 to spend plus much more. The most important thing the householder can do with the extra cash is to arrange for annual servicing, cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system. This should ensure that everything works properly not only during winter, but the whole year round.

The extra money could also be used to purchase a ceiling fan which can be used to heat the room, or even provide insulation for the basement sill.

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While all HVAC equipment should be checked by a professional once a year, and an HVAC professional should always be called in to deal with major issues or repairs, you can extend the life of your HVAC system by taking just a few minutes each month to perform a few simple inspection and cleaning duties.

And, if you are ready to install or replace a heater or air conditioner our friendly and experienced team of Comfort Specialists know heating and air conditioning systems inside and out. They’ll take the time to study your home, understand your heating and cooling requirements, show you all of your options and assist you with finding the quality home comfort system that best meets your family’s needs and budget.