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Help Reduce HVAC Costs By Paying Attention To System Sensors

Help Reduce HVAC Costs By Paying Attention To System Sensors

Ensure That Your Thermostats Are Calibrated Correctly

HVAC costs can be drastically lowered if the sensors are operating properly. Lots of energy tends to be wasted through problematic sensors. Many people tend to complain that their sensors are not giving off the correct readings and that the interior of their house either feels too hot or too cold. This is often because the thermostats are calibrated incorrectly.

There are a few ways in which people will be able to solve any issues that they have, without having to spend money. Usually only simple measures need to be taken in order to increase the energy efficiency and lower bills.

Sensor Positioning

One of the most important aspects of being able to achieve correct sensor readings is ensuring that the sensor is in the best possible place for conducting such readings. Some people make the mistake of placing the sensor above an appliance, such as a microwave or oven. This can cause the readings to be drastically higher than the average temperature of the room. It is also important to make sure that sensors are not placed in an area that is closed off. Sensors should always be placed in a neutral area with plenty of space surrounding them.

Equipment Scheduling

HVAC sensors will require calibration after they have been installed. Most people forget to have them re-calibrated as the years go by and this can drastically decrease their overall sensitivity. Having them calibrated will prevent them from becoming ineffective. This is also very important if the sensor is to be moved from one location to another, as the surrounding heat and air will provide a very different reading. People who are not too sure whether or not they can perform the task themselves should seek advice from a professional contractor.

Check The Surrounding Area

General household items can negatively affect the performance of sensors. Many old HVAC systems will use heating and cooling systems in order to create a more comfortable environment. This can be very costly if the sensor’s set points are not operating properly. This can also lead to problems if other household items that give off heat, such as an electric heater, are located near the sensors.

Energy costs can drastically be reduced by paying close attention to the HVAC system sensors. People who are looking for cost efficient ways in which to solve their energy problems should always try to pinpoint the cause of the issue before they start to spend money on new equipment. Those who are unsure of what they are doing, or who need advice on how to get the most out of their sensors, should certainly call a professional for advice. The price of hiring a consultant could be significantly lower than the extended costs of paying energy bills.

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