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Watch What You Call Your HVAC Service Technician

Watch What You Call Your HVAC Service Technician

The Three Most Dangerous Words You Could Say To Your HVAC Service Technician: “You’re The Expert.”

You know the old saying about “half the doctors finished in the bottom half of their graduating class,” right? Unfortunately, the same thing can be said about heating and air conditioning technicians. But in the case of your heating or air conditioning tech, their level of expertise has a lot more to do with ongoing (on-the-job) training and field experience than it does what they did back in school. That’s because your heating and air conditioning system is far and away the most technologically advanced appliance you have in your home—and becoming more so every single year. Truth be told, your worst-case scenario when hiring a technician is somebody who’s been working in the field for 15 or 20 years—but WHO IS NOT up to speed on the latest technology changes.

Trust-Certified Technicians

The key to hiring an “up-to-date expert” is surprisingly simply—yet almost no heating and air conditioning companies actually do it: massive quantities of ongoing, hands-on training. There is simply no other way. At Horizon Services, we require over 150 hours per year of mandatory, ongoing training for all of our service technicians, regardless of their tenure. A 25-year veteran will be sitting in class every Tuesday and Thursday morning for 90 minutes alongside techs who are in an apprenticeship program and have only been with the company for 2 years.

State-of-the-Art Training Facility

Our training room is a 3,200 square foot room that has normal classroom furnishings—tables, chairs, projector, white boards, etc.—but also has walls that are lined with every kind of HVAC system that matters. We solicit feedback from our techs on specific challenges that they’ve faced and turn them into training modules so everyone else can learn from each tech’s experience. We employ full-time expert trainers who train and certify each of our technicians to make sure they’re competent to handle your job, regardless of the problem.

Training Excellence

Other HVAC companies, on the other hand, don’t seem to share our passion for training excellence. Over half of the service companies perform NO ongoing training, and those who do offer an average of just 20 hours per year. The result of undertrained technicians is simple: more call-backs, more trial-and-error (on YOUR system!), and shorter warranties.

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So next time you’re standing in front of an HVAC technician, don’t assume for a second that he’s automatically an expert when it comes to fixing your unit. In fact, the only way to be sure that the “expert” moniker is true is to check out front for a bright orange truck and check his shoes for bright orange booties. If you’re talking to a Horizon service technician, you can be sure you’re talking to a bona fide expert.