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How To Be An Energy-Efficient Pet Owner

How To Be An Energy-Efficient Pet Owner

6 Summer Energy Efficiency Tips for Pet Owners

People who own pets often tend to spend a significant amount of money on them. Costs include food, treats and veterinary care as well as keeping them cool and warm. This is only natural because folks love their pets, but is this expenditure really necessary?.

One of the biggest drains on people who own cats, dogs or other types of pets is energy costs. Those hard earned dollars are often spent ensuring the pet is never left in the dark, so lights are left on. No-one wants to leave their furry friend feeling lonely, so the TV is never switched off when the owner leaves home for a spell. What is more, few people want their pet to be cold during the winter or at night, so the HVAC system is left running with the thermostat left on a high setting, which eats up the dollars.

So, Do Pet Owners Waste Money?

In many cases the simple answer is "Yes". In an attempt to keep their pets comfortable many pet owners are reducing their home’s energy efficiency, which is very expensive in this age of escalating energy prices.

It is now time to dispell some of those myths:

Turn Down The Thermostat

Pet owners waste power and money when they are out, because they do not want to leave the animal at home, feeling either too warm or too cold. So they leave the air conditioning and heating switched on or don’t turn down the thermostat. Most animals do not require that level of heating when left in the house, so there is absolutely no reason why the thermostat settings should not be turned up or down accordingly.

Turn Off The Ceiling Fan

Admittedly, heat can be a problem for cats and dogs during those hot summer days. Some people will even turn on an electric fan to help them cool down, but once again this is waste of energy and money, as dogs and cats do not have sweat glands. It would be far easier, cheaper and more energy efficient, to lead them into the shade and ensure they have plenty of cold water to drink.

Install An Energy Efficient Pet Door

Get an energy efficient pet door. If you do have an exterior cat or dog door, make sure to caulk it annually, so you are not creating a source of significant air and heat leakage. Higher quality doors have weather stripping and a door sweep to keep it tightly closed.

Turn Off The Lights

Another myth is that animals do not like the dark. Humans have a habit of thinking their pets have the same emotions as them, which includes a fear of the dark. That is not so, animals are naturally attuned to periods of dark and light, so leaving the lights switched on for them means not only is expensive electricity being wasted, but the pet’s sleeping patterns are also being disturbed.

Turn Off The TV

One of the biggest reasons why owners waste energy and money is because they think they are keeping their pets both safe and happy; in many instances this is simply not the case. A prime example is leaving the television switched on to stop the pet feeling lonely. The plain fact is that animals do not watch TV, so leaving the set on for them is a waste of money. If the animal is to be left on its own then leaving it with its favorite toy to play with would be far more effective, as well as much cheaper.

Fix Faucet Leaks

You may think that the dog or cat that loves fresh water is enjoying lapping up some drips, but you are just driving up your water bill. When that water hits the tub or sink, it picks up bacteria and if the pet laps it up from there, he or she can get very ill. It is more energy efficient to get a pet fountain if the pet has a love of fresh flowing water.