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Choosing The Best Mulch For Your Yard

Choosing The Best Mulch For Your Yard

Different Mulch For Different Projects

Mulch is used on soil to improve its properties and its ability to grow plants. It can be used to help retain moisture, encourage heating of the soil, stop weeds growing, protect the roots of plants against extremes of temperature, prevent the soil eroding or even to help create paths.

Depending on the type of soil and what it is going to be used for there are several different types of mulch that can be spread. It is a case of choosing the best mulch to meet your specific requirements. The kinds of mulch that can be used are bark, cypress, straw, pebble, rock, and wood chip.

Bark Mulch

This type of mulch is used in areas where there will not be much digging, such as foundations, plantings and walkways. Bark mulch is ideal for spreading around trees, shrubs and garden beds.

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is used to protect the ground. It keeps in moisture, stops frost damaging roots, prevents the growth of weeds and deters damage from insects. This kind of mulch is also popular with rose or tomato growers. Another benefit to be had from cypress mulch is that it gives the garden and yard area a much more natural look.

Straw Mulch

This mulch is ideal for preventing weeds taking root. Pine straw mulch is very popular, because any weeds that do grow through it are easily pulled up. This type of mulch also helps keep termites and other insects away.

Pebble Mulch

Wherever plants are being grown, unsightly weeds are always a problem. A simple way to avoid this is to use pebble mulch. Spread the pebbles on the ground and they will either prevent the weeds from growing or make them easier to pull up if they do manage to get through.

Rock Mulch

Rock mulch is ideal for areas where there are no plants and is usually laid over a landscape fabric. Its big advantage over mulches such as bark, cypress, straw and wood chip is that it needs very little maintenance. It will not rot over the years nor need replenishing. The rock may soak up the sun’s rays, heating the area around it during the summer, which may mean it has to be watered more often. Rock mulch fits in perfectly with specialist gardens such as alpine, rock and cactus.

Wood Chip

Wood chip, when used as mulch, is very versatile and offers benefits for the soil and the plants which are being grown in it. It can also be spread on garden and yard pathways, making the whole area look attractive. Wood chip helps the soil retain its moisture and limits the ability of weeds to grow. This means any plants growing there are likely to be measurably healthier.