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The Best Way To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

The Best Way To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

Remain Odor Free and Working Efficiently

Having a garbage disposal unit in the home is extremely convenient, but because food is churned down them they can cause real problems if they are not kept clean. Trapped food and bacteria can result in disposals emitting the most unpleasant stench and if they become clogged the whole system can grind to a halt..

If you want your garbage disposal to remain odor free and working as efficiently as it should the message is “keep it clean.”

Here are some tips on the best ways to keep your garbage disposal clean and fresh.

Cleaning The Sides Of The Disposal

If you do not clean the sides of your garbage disposal regularly there will be real problems, as food sticks and begins to smell. The solution is so simple and involves using inexpensive items typically found in the home. Just mix a couple of cups of ice with a cup of vinegar and pour it down the disposal. Then it is just a case of switching the unit on for around ten minutes and the sides will be cleaned.

Cleaning The Drain

As well as having the sides of the garbage disposal regularly cleaned the drain must also be kept clean if the disposal is to be kept free of unpleasant smells and other problems. The drain is like any other piece of plumbing and odors are created by stale water sitting in the line. This problem can be dealt with easily and inexpensively by filling the sink with hot soapy water; dish soap can be used. It is then simply a matter of removing the plug and the soapy water will clear out the drain.

Using Coffee Grinds

The beauty of garbage disposal drain cleaning is that you do not have to buy any special materials; they are already present in your kitchen. A proven way to remove those awful odors is to use coffee grinds. So reach into the cupboard, find those grinds and pour some down the disposal.

Freshen The Disposal

There are various ways to keep your garbage disposal fresh and none of them involves using chemicals. Instead, you will need to have citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons or limes, to hand.

You will not be using the fruit, just some of the peel. The peel has a strong fragrance and this is released when a few pieces are put into the disposal and it is switched on. This will ensure it keeps on smelling lovely and fresh.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Not A Trash Can.

Most of us toss anything and everything into the garbage disposal without thinking too much about it. The disposal is designed to grind up small pieces of soft food so they don’t clog your plumbing.

Never place anything down the disposer that will damage it or your drains. A couple of items that are NOT to be placed in the disposer are rice, just a small handful can swell to the point it will totally block the drain and trap. Avoid the plastic ties used on bread bags, these will jam a disposer to the point where you may have to replace it.

The following items should NEVER be put into your kitchen disposal:

  • Eggshells
  • Bones
  • Meat fats
  • Unpopped popcorn kernels or fruit pits
  • Asparagus, celery and other fibrous vegetables
  • Any non-food products

Perform Proper Maintenance

The best way to ensure the garbage keeps on working properly and does not emit a foul stench is to ensure it is maintained on a regular basis. Squirt a small amount of dish soap daily into the disposer to help maintain and keep it fresh. Steps to keep it clean and fresh are part of the maintenance schedule, which can be carried out by almost anyone living in the property. More serious problems should be dealt with by a plumber.

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