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Top 7 Air Conditioning Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Top 7 Air Conditioning Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Keep Your Utility Costs As Low As Possible

Air Conditioning helps keep the occupants comfortable in their homes, no matter what the temperature is outside. On the downside, they do cost money to operate. An HVAC needs to works efficiently to avoid soaring power and energy bills and unfortunately some people make mistakes. This can lead to their systems becoming unnecessarily expensive to run.

Some of the worst mistakes are:

Buying The Wrong Type Of Air Conditioning Unit For The Size Of Your House

There are many different types of air-conditioning systems on the market and there are many different shapes and sizes of homes. Match the wrong unit with the wrong property and you have made a very expensive mistake. Before spending your dollars on air-conditioning seek advice about the right type of system for your property.

Not Having Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced Regularly

All air-conditioning units are likely to become less efficient over time and eventually break down. This diminishes their energy efficiency and makes them more expensive to run. Such issues can be avoided by having the system serviced at least once a year.

Letting The Air Conditioner Run When You’re Away

Not setting the thermostat to switch off the air-conditioning while the property is empty is another way to waste money. There is no sense in keeping the home cooled while there is no-one there to benefit from it. So, before leaving home set the thermostat to cut the system then start up again about an hour before you arrive home.

Blocking Your Air Vents/Returns

In order for an air-conditioning system to work efficiently the air needs to be able to flow freely around the property. The likes of furniture sited in the wrong place can lead to the air vents being blocked, stopping the free flow of air. To avoid that happening and energy and money being wasted, make sure those vents are kept clear of obstructions.

Letting The Temperature Drop Too Low

People install air-conditioning to keep the temperature inside at a comfortable level, which means not letting the home become too cold. It is always best to maintain a fairly constant level, which avoids having the air conditioning in constant use – something that only ramps up the power bill.

Setting The Air Conditioning In The Wrong Place

Another way to waste those hard earned dollars is to site the air-conditioning unit in the wrong position. Hopefully, your installer will have put it in the best location to work efficiently. If not or if you fitted it yourself, the worst place to site the unit is where it is open to sunlight throughout the day.

Not Upgrading The System

Even if the air-conditioning unit is regularly serviced, one day it will inevitably need replacing due to its age. More modern and efficient units are coming onto the market all the time and older systems are seen to waste energy. When that day comes it will save money, in the long term, to upgrade it.

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