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The Importance of Home Water Filtration

The Importance of Home Water Filtration

The Importance of Home Water Filtration

One of the most overlooked things in your home is your water. Unfortunately, not all tap water systems are clear of impurities. However, there are ways for you to improve the quality and cleanliness of the water in your home: a home water filtration system. This is a helpful system to have since it can remove some of the bacteria, debris, or chemicals currently in your water system.

Remove Lead

Lead is something that is commonly found in many state’s tap water. This is often due to old pipes or the city taking cost-saving measures despite possible public health concerns. There is a legal limit of lead allowed in tap water, but that doesn’t mean you want to consume it through your system. A filtration system can help protect the water.

Avoid Viruses

Not all viruses are airborne. Some may be transmitted through water which can carry infectious diseases. Some of the most common include norovirus, rotavirus, and Hepatitis A. These are typically treated through your city, but filtration is an extra protection that you can have in your own home.

Save Money

One way that individuals avoid drinking tap water is by buying water bottles or gallons of water at a time. With a filtration system, your tap water is drinkable, and you no longer have to buy water at the store. Furthermore, filtration can help with plumbing issues as heavy metals and chemicals that can harm your pipes are filtered out.

Softer Water

Filtration removes many of the harsh chemicals and natural impurities in the water meaning it becomes softer. This means no minerals left behind on dishes, no harsh reactions on the skin, and more. You’ll save money on less soap for showers, dishes, and laundry.

If you need a water filtration system, our team at Horizon Services can help. Let us explain the benefits and provide the services you need to transform your home’s water to a safe, filtered source. You deserve to have filtered water and we are here to help.

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