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Why Clean Drains Quickly in the Winter

Why Clean Drains Quickly in the Winter

During the winter, the issues involving plumbing in your home can become even worse than expected. This can be serious when there is a problem with a clogged drain. When there is a clogged drain, there are a number of things to consider when seeking repairs. The most important thing, however, is to act as quick as possible in order to prevent multiple other issues that can occur.

By cleaning your drains quickly, you are helping with a number of issues. First, clogged drains can result in the backup of potentially dangerous sewer odors. These gases are what make the gurgling sounds coming from the drain as the gases pass the water. They can smell and if left to linger long enough, may be dangerous to everyone in the home.

Clogged drains can also lead to the backup of water, which if left too long in the colder weather of winter, can result in frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can lead to pipe bursts, which means an even bigger issue that could damage multiple parts of your home including walls, floors, and more. Once the clogs are cleared, water can flow through easily, reducing the chance of freezing.

Having a clogged drain can be burdensome, but there are ways to get the fixes quickly, such as finding a local plumbing company to get the job done right.

At Horizon Services, we know how dangerous it can be to deal with clogged drains during the winter. We know that there is potential for serious damage to your pipes and to your home. Because of this, we work as quickly as possible to help our customers get the right repairs as soon as possible. You deserve peace of mind in your own home. We’re here to provide it.

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