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Top 5 Efficiency Tips for Utility Savings

Top 5 Efficiency Tips for Utility Savings

Want to save money each month just by following simple tips? When it comes to utilities, homeowners can do a number of things that can help lower the impact that certain appliances and plumbing issues have on your home. Even better, you can help avoid wasting energy, gas, and water -- saving money on your utility bills.

Here are some things you can do to lower the bills each month and help your home stay working like normal.

1. Keep Your AC at a Good Temperature

When you’re not at home, make sure you turn down the air conditioner to a good temperature that maintains comfort but doesn’t leave it running all day. The longer it runs, the more expensive your bill will be, and you don’t want to waste energy cooling a home when nobody's home.

2. Keep Lights Off When Possible

We’ve all seen that one house where there are lights on all over the place, but the family is in one room together. Make sure everyone is doing their part to turn off lights when they leave rooms so you’re not wasting energy on empty rooms.

3. Check for Leaks Regularly

Check your pipes for potential leaks that could be wasting water. Look under your sinks, behind the toilets, and other common areas where leaks can be present. One trick is to turn off all water to the home and check the water meter over two hours to see if it moves. This could indicate a leak that needs to be fixed in order to avoid wasting water.

4. Fix Drafty Areas

Whether you check under your doors or windows and notice there are some drafty areas, it could be causing you to waste energy and money. When the air conditioner is on, drafts can let the cool air out of the home or let the warm air into the home, making your unit work harder than it needs to.

5. Don’t Run Water While Washing Dishes

Far too many people go to wash the dishes and run the water the entire duration of the chore. Instead, fill up one side of the sink with water and soap and let the dishes soak. Wash the dishes, then rinse them off beforehand drying and putting them away. If you’re using the dishwasher, don’t pre-rinse. It’s not necessary most times.

Our professionals at Horizon Services want you to be able to save as much as possible on your utilities. Whether you need to replace an air conditioning unit with a new, energy-efficient system or you have a leak that needs fixing, we’re here to help.

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