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SEER Levels: What are They and What is the Difference?

SEER Levels: What are They and What is the Difference?

If you’ve ever looked at an air conditioning or heating unit, you may have noticed a yellow energy guide tag that shows a seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This is a SEER rating that is given to HVAC units based on the ratio of cooling output over the cooling season, divided by the consumed amount of energy in Watt-Hours.

How Do SEER Levels Differ?

Typically, a SEER value can range from around 10 to 25 depending on how efficient the unit actually is. The SEER rating gives an idea of what the efficiency can be, however, depending on how you use it, the actual number of a unit can be lower.

For example, if you have an air conditioning unit that shows a SEER rating of 21, this is only the maximum rating and will be reached only if you use your air conditioning unit in a specific manner. If you overwork the unit, the SEER rating drops.

Why Do SEER Levels Matter?

Looking at a SEER rating when purchasing a new HVAC unit can be a helpful tool as it can give you an idea of the amount of energy used to operate the system. However, it shouldn’t be the only part of your decision making as higher SEER ratings often mean higher prices as well.

Make sure you do the math and understand how much money—if any—you can save over the years should you invest in a higher SEER rating. Is it worth the initial investment vs. how much you can save year over year?

Understanding SEER ratings can be difficult, but you can speak with a professional who can help explain the different types of ratings, what they mean, and how they benefit you. Then you can make the decision that suits you best.

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