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4 Questions to Ask Before Installing Your New Sump Pump

4 Questions to Ask Before Installing Your New Sump Pump

A flooded basement means more than damp floors and lots of mopping. If your basement floods frequently, you could be at risk for mold, property damage, and more.
The solution is simple: you need a quality sump pump and a reliable team to install it for you.

When fielding quotes for your sump pump installation, identify professionals who keep your best interests at heart. The right team will provide insight and support while also installing a system that can keep your house dry and safe for years to come.

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Here are four key questions to ask prospective teams:
  1. “What warranties or guarantees do you offer?”

Issues are always possible, even if your sump pump is perfectly installed. Ask prospective installation teams what aspects of your system are covered, and for how long.
Options may vary, from parts and labor to manufacturer warranties, and service fees. Knowing your warranty coverage now can help save money and time on additional services in the future.

  1. “Are you available 24/7 for emergencies?”

When unexpected issues with your sump pump bubble up—including failed drainage and flooding—you want a solution right away. Not a week from now! Ask each prospective company if their team is available around the clock to tackle sudden sump pump emergencies. Knowing ahead of time can keep you out of deep water in years to come.

  1. “Is your service team fully licensed and insured?”

Your sump pump installation is one job that MUST be done right. That means it must be up to code and able to pass inspection. Only hire a team that’s licensed and insured to complete this work. These accreditations ensure quality work as well as protection for you and your home in the event of mistakes, accidental damage, and more.

  1. “What does the quoted price include?”

Billing options are as different as the service providers themselves. While some pros may charge a flat rate or an hourly rate, others may also include the cost of materials and travel. As a result, the bottom line can add up fast if a team runs into complications during installation. Make sure you understand what’s included in the price quoted to you. Upfront, transparent pricing will help you plan and budget accordingly.

A properly working sump pump offers unmatched peace of mind while keeping your basement water-free. If your pump isn't keeping up with demand, or if you’d like to explore new and more efficient sump pump options, rely on your Horizon Services team. Since 1987, we’ve brought A+ rated service and support to homeowners right in your neighborhood. Call today to get a customized sump pump installation quote that fits your home and budget.