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Is AC Safe for my Baby?

Is AC Safe for my Baby?

Whether you're a brand new parent or you have enough children to make up a small sports team, your main priority it's always going to be your children's safety. Sure, this typically means that you make sure to teach them how to properly cross the street and not to talk to strangers. However,in the summer months, there's something else you may want to consider: is running the AC safe for your baby?

We are happy to say that it is, so long as you follow these guidelines.

AC Helps Regulate Your Baby’s Comfort

Since babies’ bodies are not able to regulate their own temperature, it's essential that you help them with this task. Especially when the temperatures outside are climbing, having your AC on to cool your home ensures your baby will be cool and comfortable and reduces their risk of overheating.

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Keep Your Baby Away from Direct Airflow

Although you want your baby to be kept cool, they shouldn't be directly in front of your vent’s airflow; Otherwise, they risk becoming too cold. It's best to keep any areas where your baby will spend a good amount of time — their crib, high chair, or playpen — are on the opposite side of the room from your AC vents.

Keep a Moderate Temperature

Even if your baby is nowhere near a vent’s direct airflow, they can still feel the coolness of the air. For this reason, you should not set your thermostat to any temperature that is too cold. A moderate temperature, typically around 72 degrees is enough to keep your home cool without risking your baby's health or safety. To keep your baby comfortable through the night consider placing your baby in long-sleeved footed pajamas and a sleep sack.

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