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How to Tell You Need Better Bathroom Ventilation

How to Tell You Need Better Bathroom Ventilation

Most of us know the feeling of walking into a bathroom that someone clearly just showered in: the sticky air, the choking humidity, and the overall uncomfortable feeling. However, poor ventilation is not something that should just be ignored. There are a few signs that you need better bathroom ventilation, unless you want to suffer the consequences of high humidity.

How to Tell You Need Better Bathroom Ventilation

You Have Wet Walls

If you get out of the shower and your walls look like they're sweating, that’s not good. That much excess moisture can cause your paint or wallpaper to peel, or allow mold to grow in your grout. We doubt that you want to bathe or brush your teeth in a bathroom that has mold growing on the walls.

You Have General Mold Growth

Even if your wallpaper seems fine, poor bathroom ventilation can also lead to mold growing in other areas of the room. Check around the seals of your toilet and bathtub, your sink, and corners of the room. If you spot any traces of mold or mildew, you likely need better bathroom ventilation.

It Takes Forever For Your Bathroom to Feel Comfortable

Like we said, after someone showers in your bathroom, the air typically feels sticky and almost too humid to breathe in. If you don't have a proper fan, it could take a long while for the humidity to clear from your bathroom and the air to feel comfortable again.

If you do have a fan and it still takes a long time before your bathroom air feels normal, you likely need to upgrade or repair the fan that you currently have to something more efficient.

How to Improve Your Bathroom Ventilation

Open a Window

If your bathroom has a small window, crack it an inch or two during your shower and leave it open for 15 minutes afterward. This allows excess humidity and moisture to escape the room quickly.

Install a Fan

Every bathroom should have an efficient ventilation fan that removes humidity from the room. It's best to have these professionally installed so you get the right unit and set up.

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