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Space Heater Safety Tips

Space Heater Safety Tips

When you’re trying to fend off the winter cold, you may take every measure possible to stay warm — endless cups of hot cocoa throughout the day, consistently wearing warm sweatpants while you’re home, and forever wearing fuzzy socks.

You may also help out your heating system by putting a space heater in your bedroom or living room. But if you do so, make sure you’re practicing proper space heater safety.

Inspect the Wires First

Before you plug in your space heater, make sure you check the wires for any frays or damage. Damaged wires are an electrocution and fire hazard, so you should never plug in a space heater whose wires are anything but perfect. If the wires are damaged, look into replacing them or the heater entirely.

Watch Your Placement

There should be several feet of open space around your space heater at all times. If any nearby curtains or blankets get too close, the heater can burn them and potentially start a fire. You should also place a gate or other blockade a few feet in front of your heater so it’s blocked off from your children or pets.

Lastly, you shouldn’t place the heater in any high traffic areas, such as a walkway or doorway, since someone could burn themselves on it or knock it over.

Careful with the Cord

You should always make sure the cord of your space heater is tucked away or taped down. The last thing you need is someone tripping or tipping over the heater and accidentally starting a fire.

Never Leave a Space Heater Alone

You may be tempted to leave your space heater on to warm a room while you run out, but don’t. In order to prevent a fire or other danger, you should only use a space heater when you are able to supervise it. That means you should turn it off when you go to sleep as well.

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