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How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last & When Is It Time to Get Your AC Repaired?

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Last & When Is It Time to Get Your AC Repaired?

In the old days, air conditioning was considered a luxury. Now, air conditioning is a necessity, especially during the summer months. But do you know how long your air conditioning system should last?

While a new air conditioner is a considerable investment, the continuous AC maintenance and repairs from an inefficient system can become extremely costly. Additionally, thermostats are often upgraded or replaced well before their lifespans are over to keep up with technology improvements.

Did you know that heating and cooling costs account for roughly 44% of your utility costs?

How to decide when to repair your AC, or replace the whole system:

  1. Multiply the cost of your AC repair by the age of your equipment.
  2. If the sum goes over $5,000 it’s most likely time to replace it. For example, if your 7-year-old unit has a $300 repair, go ahead and fix it.

AC Service Maintenance Tips

  • Routinely clean and replace filters every couple of months when in constant use.
  • Have your AC system inspected at least once each year by a professional. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep ahead of air conditioning issues.
  • Check the accuracy of your thermostat. If it’s numbers that don’t match your home’s temperature, it’s most likely time to call your Horizon team for a closer look at AC performance.

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Fun Fact: The first air conditioner wasn’t invented to solve discomfort. Willis Carrier created it in 1902 for a publishing company located in New York that was experiencing problems with the ink control and paper expansion due to humidity.

When Should You Consider Getting Your Air Conditioner Replaced?

The following signs may mean it’s time to consider a new unit instead of investing in continuous AC repairs:

  • Your energy bills keep rising. Bills do go up during the summer months; however, astronomical costs are a sign that your equipment is not running at peak efficiency.
  • Your home is excessively humid or dusty. This can indicate a need to reseal sections of ductwork.
  • You start hearing strange noises. While no news is good news, new noises can mean serious problems. Chances are your ducts or coils are no longer running up to par.
  • Your unit is close to ten years old or older.
  • You’re interested in having your home go green. Sometimes AC repairs and AC services aren’t the only reason for investing in a new system. Choosing environmentally-friendly appliances can save you energy and money.

If you're currently dealing with a broken air conditioner, an inefficient system, or you would like to schedule a routine, pre-season tune-up, call Horizon Services!

Talk to Your Horizon Pros

When it is time to look for a new system, call your trusted team at Horizon Services. Share your findings on system efficiency, maintenance, and repair costs with your comfort consultant. Together, you can create a complete comfort solution that fits your home, your family, and your budget.

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