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How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool

How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool

A sunroom is, perhaps, one of the nicest amenities to have during the summer. You have all of the relaxation elements that come from being outside – the sunshine and pretty view of your yard – but are still protected from the elements if Mother Nature decides to serve up rain or heavy winds.

However, as nice as they are, sunrooms have the ability to get pretty warm during the day, to the point where you may not even want to spend time in them because of how sweltering the space feels. Luckily, there are a few ways to cool down your sunroom so you can enjoy it!

Use Tinted Glass

If you haven’t created your sunroom yet, consider having the glass slightly tinted so sunlight is reflected back outside rather than absorbed into the space. While this may cost you a bit more in construction costs, it can pay off since you’ll be able to use the room more often if it’s cooler.

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Put Up Blackout Shades

While you’re not in the room, keep the curtains closed to block out the sun’s heat, and when you want to relax in the room, open the curtains to let the sun shine. This can really help keep the temperature down.

Add an AC

If you’re really struggling to keep your sunroom cool, consider adding a ductless AC for better temperature control. These units provide efficient cooling and can be easily installed in any living space.

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