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Ways to Turn Minimize Your AC Use

Ways to Turn Minimize Your AC Use

When summer is in full blast, your air conditioner can start costing a fortune. Your Horizon Services team have put together proven tips to ease the burden on your unit, and save money on your next energy bill.

Stop the Thermostat Wars

A general rule of thumb is to leave the temperature of your home at 78 degrees. While it’s smart to set the temperature higher if you are away from your house all day, it’s not necessary to drop the temperature dramatically when you arrive back home. Continually changing the climate of your home uses up more energy than keeping it consistent.

Did you know? Air conditioners will cool your home at the same rate whether you adjust the temperature to 71 degrees or 78 degrees. Setting it lower does not equate to cooling it faster.

Go Digital

If you live in an older home that still has a dial thermostat, it’s time to call your highly trained Horizon Services team to install a digital thermostat. The ability to program the temperature of your home for various times of the day can help immeasurably on your bills. We are also skilled at installing NEST smart home thermostats.

Spring Clean Your AC Unit

When the season starts changing, call Horizon to tune-up your air conditioning system for the weather ahead. An expert technician will check and clean your unit top to bottom. As the summer progresses, continue to clean and replace your system’s filter once a month or as often as needed. Your air conditioner should never run with debris or a dirty filter. Why? Any blockages will cause your AC unit to work overtime, which will cost more, cause more wear and tear.

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Cool Down Without AC

We get it. Sometimes there’s simply no other way to beat the heat than to turn on your AC. But if it’s a more moderate temperature outside, there are different ways to live comfortably in your home:

  • Turn your AC off, open your windows for a cross-breeze, and turn on fans.
  • Check to make sure your windows and doors are energy efficient. Even the smallest crack can let in a lot of hot air.
  • Call your Horizon experts to check the condition of your insulation. Keeping cool air in is just as important as keeping the stifling air out.

Did you know? For the best efficiency and most comfortable conditions, The U.S. Department of Energy recommends keeping your home’s indoor temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as you can stand.

Call Horizon and Make Sure Your Home is Ready for the Summer Heat

When summertime rolls around, be sure to check out all your options when it comes to keeping your home cool. Sometimes, the easiest ways to lessen the use of your AC are right in front of you. For more insight on summer cool and expert maintenance for your air conditioner, call Horizon Services at (302) 200-4266 today!