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Cleaning Habits That are Hurting Your Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning Habits That are Hurting Your Indoor Air Quality

Since the day you moved in, you've worked hard to keep your home warm, inviting, and (most importantly) clean. While we're sure you've only had good intentions to make sure your home is spotless, sometimes, your cleaning methods can have the opposite effect and actually do more harm than good for your living space. These are some common ways your cleaning habits may be hurting your indoor air quality.

You're using the wrong tools.

When you go to sweep the floor or get dust off your mantle, what are you using to do so? If your first move is to reach for a broom, dustpan, and feather duster, you're not really cleaning anything. Those tools tend to just move dirt and dust around, not really pick it up and contain it. You're better off using a microfiber cloth that actually traps dust and removes it entirely.

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You're only taking care of hard surfaces.

Sure, you're probably more concerned with getting rid of the grime that you can easily see, such as your hardwood floors and kitchen countertops, but there are plenty of areas in your home that are much more in need of a deep cleaning. Your carpets and upholstered furniture are great at harboring dust mites, dirt, and other particles that can harm your indoor air quality, so make sure you, at the very least, vacuum them regularly. They'll be in even better shape if you have them deep cleaned with a good cleaning agent.

You're using harmful products.

You may love using a window cleaner that gives off a lavender scent or a powder cleaner that promises to get rid of even the toughest kitchen stains, but those products are packed with harsh chemicals that are not only bad for your indoor air quality but may also harm your health. Instead, try using "green" or all-natural cleaners. You can even make your own cleaning products using a few common household items.

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