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Why a Central Air System is Your Best Cooling Option

Why a Central Air System is Your Best Cooling Option

When it comes to keeping your home cool all summer long, you have a lot of options. You can go super older-school and put a block of ice in front of a rotating fan, or you could add a half-dozen window air conditioners around your home. The thing is, those routes with usually just leave you with high energy bills and a still-warm home.

If you're looking to have the best cooling option in your home, you should be looking at central air conditioning systems. Here's why:

Central Air is All One System

Unlike other heating and cooling systems, central air allows you to cool and heat your home year-round. Other systems require you to have separate systems or units throughout the year depending on what temperature you're trying to achieve. Central air systems don't require you to do anything else besides switch on a furnace or condenser.

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Central Air is More Energy Efficient

When you have a central air system, you can program your AC to kick on only during certain times of the day, such as the early morning or late evening, as well as schedule times for your system to not run, such as during the early afternoon, allowing you to save money when it doesn't need to run.

Other cooling systems only let you run your system on "auto" so you could end up cooling a home with no one in it and wasting money. Plus, having one system running is much more energy-efficient than having multiple window units going.

Central Air Helps Your Indoor Air Quality

Besides keeping your home cool, a central air conditioning system also helps control the humidity levels in your home. Since too high or low humidity can have negative effects on your health and home’s well-being, this is a great perk for any homeowner.

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