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Signs You Have Dry Air

Signs You Have Dry Air

As winter weather rolls on, you can feel the air get dryer and dryer. Between the general discomfort dry air brings and the negative health effects it can have, it would be a wise idea to invest in a humidifier to create a more comfortable environment. But how do you really know if you need one? Well, these are some signs you have dry air.

You’re Having Breathing Issues

Do you notice that you get a lot more sinus infections in the winter or that you wake up every morning with a stuffy nose? Dry air can dry out your sinuses and cause you to experience breathing issues.

You Have Dry Skin and Lips

If you can’t survive a day in your home without lathering on some lip balm and moisturizing several times, your air may be too dry. Low humidity can suck the moisture out of your body, leaving you with dry, scratchy, and even cracked skin.

You’re Getting Shocked More

Do you find yourself getting little zaps of electricity when you walk through your home in socks or touch something too much? Dry air can make for an increase in static electricity, which can result in your getting a little jolt.

Your Wood Flooring is Suffering

When you have hardwood floors, your humidity levels need to be kept at a certain point in order for the floors to stay in good condition. A lack of humidity in the air can cause your floors to contract and potentially even crack.

If any of these symptoms apply to your home, call the experts at Horizon for help. We can assess your home, test the humidity, and offer solutions to maintain better moisture levels in your home. Call us to schedule your next service today!