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The Most Common Water Contaminants

The Most Common Water Contaminants

In a perfect world, you could turn on your faucet, pour yourself a glass of water, and know it was safe to drink. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. There could be a number of contaminants hiding in your water that make it taste bad, smell bad, or entirely unsafe to drink. These are some of the most common contaminants that could be present in your home’s water supply.


You’ll definitely be able to tell if your water contains sulfur since it will give off a rotten egg-like odor. Even though sulfur is not dangerous to drink or use, it’s not too easy to stomach the smell, so you’ll likely want to have it filtered out.


Chlorine is typically added to municipal water supplies to kill off germs. While water containing chlorine doesn’t have too harmful an effect, it can lead to eye, nose, and skin irritation, not to mention cause you to smell like you just left a public pool.

Calcium and Limestone

Especially if your water comes from a ground or well system, it can often contain calcium or limestone that naturally occurs in the soil. While calcium is good for your teeth and bones, it’s not that great for your plumbing, often causing sediment buildup, clogs, and hard water stains on your fixtures. It can also cause your skin and laundry to feel dry and scratchy.


This is more common if your pipes are older. As the insides of your plumbing corrode, the iron can flow into your water, causing a metallic taste when you drink it and reddish-brown stains in your plumbing fixtures.


This is probably the most feared contaminant of them all. Drinking water that is contaminated by lead can lead to a number of serious health issues, including death. If you suspect your home has lead pipes or that your local water system has non-plastic pipes, call a plumber right away to avoid potential danger.

The easiest way to know if your water contains any contaminants is by having it tested. If it does, you can trust the experts at Horizon Services to recommend and outfit your home with the best water filtration system to suit your family’s needs. Call us today to schedule your service!