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  • How To: Remove Foul Odors in Your Freezer

    How To: Remove Foul Odors in Your Freezer
    Removing Foul Freezer Odors Foul odors permeating from your freezer can ruin any appetite and cause fresh foods to become infected with horrible scents. Such unpleasant odors in your freezer may be ...
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  • Refresh Sour Summer Towels

    Refresh Sour Summer Towels
    Throw smelly beach towels into your washing machine and fill with hot water, add 1 cup of vinegar and run the load through the entire wash cycle. Once complete, add ½ cup of baking soda and run a ...
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  • Eliminate Odd Odors

    Eliminate Odd Odors
    The easiest way to keep your garbage cans smelling fresh is to line your trash bags with old newspapers. Toss a few crumpled-up printed periodicals into your new trash bag and they will work to absorb ...
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