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Take Immediate Steps To Protect Yourself From A Gas Leak

If you smell gas in your home it is absolutely vital you deal with the cause without delay. This is because if it ignites it is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal. It can destroy property and even worse, kill.

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Natural gas does not actually have an odor; that is added artificially before it hits the mains. The idea of giving gas a smell is to provide a warning should it leak. Of course not all gas emergencies are caused by leaks, they can be caused because a gas stove has been inadvertently left on and not lit, a pilot light extinguishing; or a malfunctioning gas furnace. Whatever the reason, it is important you take immediate steps to protect yourself, your family and your home.

When noticing a gas leak you should:

  • Clear the affected room of as much gas as possible

You should not:

  • Light a match or candle as you attempt to find the cause of the gas leak
  • Switch on electrical equipment or flick the light switch

These are simple precautions that can be taken. On entering a room or area of the home where there is a smell of gas, open the windows and doors to ensure the gas escapes. This is a very necessary and sensible move and will help reduce the possibility of an explosion.

Matches and candles should not be lit, even if it is dark, because the flame will ignite the gas and cause an explosion. The same could happen if any electrical equipment is switched on or a light switch flicked.

Identifying The Source Of The Smell Of Gas

Only when it is safe should an attempt be made to identify what is causing the gas to escape. One of the most common causes is that the gas stove has been left on or not lit, or the pilot light for the HVAC system has gone out. The stove is the easiest to deal with as it is just a case of switching it off.

It may also be possible to re-ignite a pilot light. It is always wise to read the manual to learn what to do should any of these emergencies arise. If it cannot be lit or if there are concerns about a leak of gas from an HVAC or furnace it should be shut down and an HVAC contractor called in.

If the smell of gas in the home is severe and the problem cannot be dealt with or is continuing then the gas should be cut off at the mains. It is essential that the utility company is contacted immediately. The supplier will have an emergency number to ring for these occasions.

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Other Sensible Steps To Take

One of the best and simplest precautions to ensure there are no gas emergencies in the home is to ensure that all gas utilities are serviced regularly, at least once a year. At the time these items are installed it is wise to check whether there is a service plan available.

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