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We have been providing homeowners with outstanding air conditioning (AC) replacement and installation services for nearly 30 years. Our expert technicians can help you understand your options, select the best AC system for your home, and quickly and effectively install your new system. Our technicians offer exceptional air conditioning installation services for homes in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We stand behind all of our work with extensive, industry-leading warranties, including up to 10 years on parts and labor.

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Top 6 Signs It’s Time to Perform an Air Conditioning Replacement

Proper maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioner. But every unit will eventually need to be replaced. Here are six warning signs that it’s time to replace your AC unit.

1. Making Frequent Repairs

Does it feel like you have your AC technician on speed dial? Frequent repairs can start adding up and you can ultimately pay more for repairs than a new unit. If you’re paying half the cost of a new unit just to repair your current one, it’s time to replace it.

2. You Smell Strange Odors

An air conditioner should be felt, not smelled. If your nose is picking up on any musty or molding scents from your vents, it’s time to call a technician. It could be an easy repair, but it might require an AC unit replacement.

3. System Does Not Cool Your House Properly

If certain rooms are cooler in comparison to others in your home, this is a sign your air conditioning system is not working effectively. Our team of technicians offer dependable air conditioning replacement services for homes in areas such as Allentown, Wilmington, Edison, Upper Darby, Trenton, and Bensalem. We will help you find a new system to ensure each room in your living space is comfortable throughout the summer season.

4. You Hear Strange Noises

Banging, rattling, squealing, and grinding noises should not be coming from your AC unit. However, sometimes dust and debris can block the flow of air, or a compressor could be faulty. If your unit is approaching the end of its lifespan, repairs might not be so simple and replacement might be the way to go.

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5. System Requires R-22 Refrigerant

Units manufactured before 2010 use R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon, to cool the air inside the unit. This gas contains ozone-depleting agents that are harmful to the environment. If your unit uses Freon, it’s a good idea to replace it with a newer AC model that uses eco-friendly refrigerants.

6. High Energy Bills

You should have a pretty good idea of what a normal energy bill is for your home. When your bill skyrockets, an inefficient AC unit could be the problem. If you have an older unit, the best way to solve this problem is to replace it.

4 Benefits of Investing in a New Air Conditioner

When you choose to replace your air conditioner, you get the benefits that come with a new, energy-efficient model.

1. Higher Efficiency

One of the main issues with an aging unit is a loss of energy efficiency. A new unit improves efficiency and brings down your energy bill.

2. Better Indoor Air Quality

Newer air conditioning models have advanced technology that improves indoor air quality. This helps with humidity and ventilation, and those pesky smells.

3. Long-Lasting Systems

An advantage of hiring a professional to perform an air conditioning replacement and installation includes investing in a reliable system. Modern, energy-efficient units are designed to last around 12 years. Paired with industry-leading warranties, choosing to get an AC replacement is a responsible decision.

4. Improved Indoor Comfort

With a more efficient unit comes a more comfortable home. Your new unit can keep your home cooled evenly, so no more wildly varying temperatures throughout your home.


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When it’s time for an air conditioning replacement, the trained team of technicians at Horizon is here to help. Our staff provides fast and convenient air conditioning installation services for homeowners in areas such as Wilmington, Allentown, Edison, Dover, Baltimore, Trenton, and Upper Darby. We can explain your options and help you select the right AC replacement for your home. Get same-day service and next-day installation for your air conditioning replacement. Schedule your service online or call us at 1-1-800-642-4419 for fast and reliable emergency AC services. Find your local Horizon technician today.


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