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Get Educated to Prevent Potential Home Disaster

There are a number of things that you have in your home that could potentially explode. Whilst most of the time they don’t of course, it is always sensible to know what they are so that you can prevent this sort of disaster.

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Gas Grills

Every year 6,000 gas grills explode. These explosions can cause severe injuries and even death. Before using a gas grill you should read the safety instructions carefully. Always get the grill inspected and maintained regularly and have any damaged parts replaced immediately. Check that propane tanks are not dented or damaged and are not stored near any heat sources.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks causing an explosion are fortunately very rare but when they do happen the results can be deadly. The first indication of danger is the smell of the leaking gas. Any such smell should be reported immediately. Gas appliances should be serviced and inspected regularly by a qualified professional. Having a gas leak detector fitted in your home is a good idea.

If you do smell gas, leave the house immediately making sure nobody touches any electrical switches including telephones, as electrical connections can trigger the explosion. Call the gas supplier from a safe distance from your home.

Water Heater

If a water heater tank becomes over-pressurised it can explode with terrific force. To make sure the pressure doesn’t build up, a trained plumber should service the water heater annually. Get the plumber to check that there is a relief device installed that will stop the heater being subject to excess pressure and temperature. This valve should be replaced every three years. The temperature of a water heater should never be more than 212 degrees.

Furnace Boiler

Furnace boilers, as water heaters, are used to heat water for heating systems and will need servicing every year in the same way as a water heater.

Glass Containers

Unlikely you may think, but containers made of glass can explode. Glass containers should never be shaken if they contain carbonated drinks. Don’t let children run with glass bottles or shake them. Check that any glassware you want to use in your microwave or oven is marked to say that is safe to do so. You should never leave glass containers on stove burners and the same applies to putting a liquid in the freezer in a glass container.

Cooking Flour

The dust from cooking flour is highly flammable. You should be careful when you are baking that you don’t make clouds of dust with the flour. Always keep open flames, such as gas-stove burners and candles away from it when you are baking.

Flammable Products

Many household products are actually flammable and should be stored away from any heat sources, in a well-ventilated area and out of direct sunlight. Dented cans and damaged containers that are used for flammable products should be disposed of safely. Look on the label to see if they are combustible.


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