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3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Leaking Water

3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Leaking Water

Not sure why your boiler randomly started leaking water? To help you diagnose the issue, we have created a guide that may help you prevent water damage in your house.

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Why is My Boiler Leaking Water?

You must first determine the cause of a boiler leak before you can find a solution. Below are three of the most common reasons why boilers leak water.

1. High Boiler Pressure

Boilers are equipped with a pressure relief valve that adjusts the internal pressure when it spikes or dips significantly. When the pressure gets too high, the pressure relief valve expels some water to decrease it. This can cause some water to leak from the tank.

2. Rust and Sediment

Rust and sediment may start to build up in the water tank of your boiler as it becomes older. If you notice a leak in your boiler, the source of the issue may be rust or sediment that is eating away at the bottom of your water tank. This internal corrosion creates small holes for the water to escape through. Corrosion is often difficult to detect and is most common in old boilers.

3. Malfunctioning Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger heats up cold water, which is essential for boiler operation. As your boiler reaches the middle or end of its life cycle, the heat exchanger can wear down and form cracks that cause the system to leak water. Replacing the heat exchanger can help prevent issues in your house. Since this part can be expensive to replace, having a good warranty is key.

Is a Leaking Boiler Dangerous?

A leaking boiler isn’t dangerous but can create costly water damage if left untreated. This is why we recommend scheduling annual maintenance to prevent leaks before they occur.

Why is My Boiler Leaking Water?

3 Ways to Fix a Boiler That Is Leaking Water

Once you notice water leaking from your boiler, seek repairs or a replacement quickly to maintain system efficiency and minimize water damage.

Step 1

Check the pressure relief valve for cracks. If you discover any, you will need to replace the component.

Step 2

Tighten any loose seals that water might be dripping through.

Step 3

If neither of the above solutions stops the leak, contact your local plumber for further assistance.

4 Common Boiler Problems

Aside from leaks, homeowners also run into the following boiler issues.

1. Low Boiler Pressure

While an internal pressure that is too high can cause the boiler to shut down or break down, an internal pressure that is too low can cause inefficient operation. A healthy boiler pressure produces about a 1.5 reading on the pressure relief valve. Any number below 1.0 means the pressure is too low.

2. No Heating or Hot Water

The most obvious sign of a malfunctioning boiler is that it doesn’t produce hot water, which can be the result of low pressure.

3. Frozen Condensate Pipe

During cold winter months, the liquid condensate pipe connected to your boiler can freeze while traveling from the unit to the drain outside of your home. A frozen condensate line can re-enter the boiler and cause internal issues.

4. Boiler Not Responding to the Thermostat

Some reasons for a boiler not responding to the thermostat include low or dead batteries and worn down or broken controls.

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Boiler Repair & Replacement Services

Our team of local plumbers in Upper Darby, PA and other areas offer comprehensive boiler repair and boiler replacement services for homes. If your boiler is leaking water, the licensed technicians at Horizon are here to help. In addition, we offer other types of plumbing and HVAC services such as furnace replacement, hot water heater repair, heat pump system installation, and furnace maintenance. Give our professionals a call at 1-800-642-4419 to receive help with a malfunctioning boiler in your house. We will get your boiler back up and running in no time so you can enjoy reliable hot water production for years to come.


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