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Your home’s heat pump is an important piece of equipment. This mechanical device is responsible for heating your home and keeping it comfortable all year-round. Like any machine, however, heat pumps experience routine breakdowns and problems, especially with frequent use. 

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While certain issues simply require minor heat pump repair services, other problems may require complete heat pump replacement. We offer heat pump services to households in areas such as New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Give our team of certified technicians a call to discuss an inefficient or inoperable heat pump.

Qualified & Trained Heat Pump Technicians

With almost 30 years of experience in the air conditioning and heating industry, Horizon Services has the skills, training, and expertise to accurately determine if your heat pump can be repaired or needs to be replaced. We offer heat pump services for all major makes and models, standing behind our work with numerous industry-leading warranties and customer satisfaction guarantees. Our technicians undergo at least 150 hours of technical training each year in order to provide you with unparalleled heat pump replacement services in areas such as Middletown, Camden, Rockville, Upper Darby, and Newark.

Signs You Should Replace Your Heat Pump

Knowing when it’s time to perform a heat pump replacement is important. Thankfully, there are a few key signs to keep an eye out for that indicate it’s time for a replacement.

Some common warning signs that you need heat pump replacement include:

  • Inconsistent heat supply
  • Inefficient system
  • Increased utility bills
  • Rising energy consumption
  • Strange noises
  • Consistent breakdowns
  • Old equipment
  • Continual expensive repairs

We Treat Your Home With Respect & Care

A knowledgeable technician from Horizon Services can help you determine if your system needs to be replaced. When you call on our team, you can rest assured that we’ll arrive on time, in uniform, ready to get to work. We work hard to provide exceptional service, keeping our workspaces clean, and treating you and your family members with respect. We offer honest, upfront pricing in writing before we begin working so you’re never caught off-guard by the cost of your replacement service.

How Does a Heat Pump Work

Heat pumps are a versatile heating system that utilizes various components to heat and cools your home. Popularly sought after by homeowners everywhere, this heating device extracts heat from one area in order to move it to another. Since heat pumps contain many parts to operate, you’ll notice right away if something’s not working. That’s why it’s important to know the heat pump components that keep your system working effectively. If you notice a broken part in your heat pump, give our HVAC contractors a call to schedule a heat pump replacement. Let’s take a look at each of the parts in a heat pump.

  • Outdoor Unit

To start, your heating system will have an outdoor unit located on the side of your home. This outside heating unit will include a coil and fan. The coil’s function largely depends on whether it’s cooling or heating your home. If cooling, the coil serves as a condenser; if heating, the coil will work as an evaporator. The fan will continue to blow outside air over the coil to assist the heat exchange.

  • Indoor Unit

The indoor unit, also known as the air handler unit, includes the coil and fan. Much like the outdoor system, the indoor unit’s coil will perform like an evaporator when it’s in the cooling mode or as a condenser when in the heating mode. The fan will then push air across the coil and throughout the ducts in your home.

  • Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a substance that takes in and ejects heat as necessary while moving throughout the heat pump unit.

  • Compressor

The compressor connects to the outdoor heat pump. It’s responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant and pushing it throughout the unit.

  • Expansion Valve

The expansion valve functions as a metering device. This component manages the refrigerant flow and moves it throughout the heat pump unit, reducing the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant. The staff at Horizon offers convenient heat pump services for malfunctioning expansion valves.

3 Main Types of Heat Pumps

If you’re looking to install a heat pump, there are three primary heat pump types: an air source, water source, and ground source heat pump. All heat pump types function in a similar way but gather heat differently. We offer repair and replacement services for a water source, ground source, and air source heat pumps. Talk with a skilled technician about conducting an installation in your household.

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air-source or air-to-air, the pump pulls air from outside to transmit it to your home. Out of the three, air-source heat pumps are the least costly and take up minimal space. They are also more energy efficient in mild climates when comparing it to water sourced or ground heat pumps. However, for very cold climates, they’re less efficient than the standard water sourced and ground source heat pumps.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Also known as a geothermal heat pump, a ground source heat pump pulls energy from the ground and soil around your home and pushes it into your home. Since the ground temperature is typically much warmer than the air, ground source heat pumps are much more efficient during the winter months. A ground source also tends to be quieter and durable than an air source system.

However, with efficiency comes a price. Ground source heat pumps are generally more expensive to install due to the need for excavation. Although there is a newer method called “direct-injection” that makes the process more efficient and affordable, this method will still cost more than a traditional air source system.

Water Source Heat Pumps

If you have a body of water near your home or property including a pond or river, then a water source heat pump is a good solution. A water source heat pump pulls energy from the body of water by pumping the water from the source through the heat pump.

Water source heat pumps are much easier to install in comparison to a ground source pump. On the other hand, water source heat pumps require a steady water flow, which means that during the winter months, a second heat source may be needed as a back-up.

Replacement & Installation Services Offered For Air Source, Ground Source, and Water Source Heat Pumps

No matter your heat pump type—whether air source, ground source, or water source heat pumps, Horizon Services has you covered. Our team of experts strives to provide all of our customers with superior heat pump replacement and repair services in areas such as Glen Burnie, Egg Harbor City, Upper Darby, and Newark. Our staff is available for any heating, AC, and plumbing emergencies that may arise. 

We have more than 300 fully stocked trucks ready to go at a moment’s notice. Our Horizon technicians undergo rigorous training, including a mandatory 150 hours of training every year, to ensure that they’re always up to date on the latest techniques and HVAC technology. Plus, we perform extensive background checks, including drug and criminal checks, on all of our employees so you don’t have to worry about letting a stranger into your home when your heating, AC, or plumbing issues happen in the middle of the night. When dealing with any heating, AC, and or plumbing emergency, trust the experts at Horizon Services!

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